Key word :

Rasi Sign : The Female

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Mercury


From January to March Jupiter will transit in 3rd house from your natal Moon and the placement of Rahu in the 11th house is also beneficial. But Saturn in the 4th house is not very promising. Despite all this, this period is very favourable for you. You will have to undertake journey on account of work and these trips would prove to be very beneficial. Best part about you is your unmatched communication skills which is also your big plus point.  And during this time period as much as you use it to your advantage you get that much additional benefit. You may get firm foot hold in some vital project. Your area of influence would increase and you will have relations with higher up people on even footing. From economic perspective situation is very favourable. There would be double growth in income and there are prospects of generating additional sources of income too.

The month of April would be testing and tiring. Jupiter would sit in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu in the 4th house from your rashi. Even though it would remain here for a short duration only even then you need to exercise caution during this period. There could be need to check your behaviour and restrain in speech otherwise even a little slip of tongue would add fuel to the fire. This fact has to be kept in mind. You may get disturbed at emotional level also. It would be appropriate to overlook differences with near and dear ones. The months of May till October will bring mixed results. But overall the trend of events would be to your liking. Retrograde Jupiter would re-enter third house and Rahu will be well placed in the 10th house where it is very powerful. There would be opportunities to take steps ahead in job, education and business. Those who crave to go abroad for higher studies, jobs, business or some professional work need not slacken their efforts. Make a move and get suitably rewarded for your efforts.

Months of May, June and July would be fortunate for you. During this golden time period in whatever field you try, success will welcome you. Opportunities to buy a house, flat, land and vehicle etc. are also present. If there are possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy or if there are disputes relating to property then efforts to resolve them through mutual talks and understanding would bring positive results. The months of August and September do not appear to be bright. It would be worthwhile to postpone investment related decisions. This period is not very promising from health point of view too. Hence, take adequate care of your own health along with the health of other family members.

The months of November and December would not deliver expected results. Jupiter would enter into Sagittarius rashi on 5th November in the 4th house from your rashi where Saturn is already sitting in conjunction with Ketu. There would be some hurdles at professional level. Those decisions that are taken in a hurry might go against your interests. This fact must be borne in mind. It is advisable to stay out of controversies. Even emotional issues may lead to tension. It is vital to maintain calm and peace. You will get ample support of friends and well-wishers.  Those important matters in which you are hesitant to take proper decisions seek their counsel.  Sudden travel can’t be ruled out. These would prove to be beneficial in the long run.


From family life and relationships perspective overall this year will bring mixed results. There would be moments of festival like atmosphere in family circle. That may include marriages, birth of a child or some other auspicious events or functions. But there could be hurdles in February, November and December in family ties. We believe that if during testing times mutual love, trust and bonding is maintained between siblings then we can easily come out of severest of the tests. Bear this fact in mind.


From economic perspective months of January, February and March are particularly favourable. During this time period all of a sudden some big deal or contract is possible. It may result in a gain of large sum of money by stroke of good luck. From financial angle, months of May, June and July are very good. There are possibilities of income coming from foreign sources or from far-flung areas too.


From job and professional matters perspective it looks like you are destined to get a lot of good offers related to work. If you are able to grab opportunities and turn them to your advantage, it would not only result in unmatched gains but also lead to enhancement in status. For those months which have been indicated elsewhere in this forecast, take appropriate caution else unwarranted tensions may arise.


We have a firm belief that after a time period we have to earn health on a daily basis. No one can understand it better than you because generally you are very careful with regard to your health. You would benefit if you can take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Your overall health would be good. But take adequate note of months we have indicated. This applies equally to health of other family members too.


If you wear 14 mukhi rudrakash then all your problems can get solved. Wearing emerald, diamond or blue sapphire could be beneficial.


Make full use of those time period and months which have been indicated as very, very favourable. You will automatically come out of problems you are facing in life.


Take extra care and caution in months indicated as not so good. By doing so, you will stay out of a whole lot of problems.