Key word : Analytical, Intelligence, Modest

Rasi Sign : The Female

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Mercury

From January to April Jupiter will transit in 6th house from your natal Moon in Aquarius rasi and the placement of Saturn in the 5th house (in Capricorn rasi) is also challenging but the placement of Rahu (in Taurus) in 9th house and Ketu (in Scorpio) in 3rd house is beneficial. This is a very testing period for you. You will undertake lot of business related trips and will meet lot of people. Though tiresome these trips will prove to be beneficial. You need to be careful in your dealings with people and do not trust others blindly. You may face some problems even in present job, business and profession. You need to be careful in matters related to money and finance. Some emotional issues too may create tensions. You need to show patience and fortitude. Hurdles would arise in executing projects. There is also possibility of differences of opinion in the family over some issues. Additionally there may be a cause of concern due to poor health.

There will be transit of major planets to next zodiac sign in the second half of April month. Rahu will move to Aries sign on 12th April and will be placed in your 8th house. Ketu will travel to Libra sign and will be placed in your 2nd house. Jupiter will also enter Pisces sign on 13th April and will be placed in your 7th house from natal Moon. Saturn will also move to Aquarius sign on April 29 in your 6th house and will remain here till 12th July for a short duration. Things will start getting better for you.

The months of May to July would be exceptionally beneficial. Long cherished plans would start getting completed. You would gain in partnership business. Your daily income too will rise. Those money and finance related plans which were in limbo for long would also start making headway now. If looking for some job/employment then positive results would come. There will be atmosphere of joy and cheer in the family. There is possibly of going on a short trip with your family for fun and relaxation. There is a possibility of some important work completed about which you have given up hopes. If appearing for any exams, competition or interview etc. then positive results would be forthcoming. Those who are giving interviews etc for any job or profession would also see their efforts bearing fruits. Those who are planning to get married for a long time will plan to get married. Family ties will get stronger. On 12th July Saturn will again revert back to its own sign Capricorn and will remain here till the end of year in your fifth place.

August to October is very fruitful. You may be willing to enter some ambitious projects. If you are planning to undertake some new job, profession or even higher studies abroad, then do not be slack in your efforts. You can accomplish success. The family atmosphere will be jovial and cheerful. Those people who are in some creative line of work like writing, music, arts cinema or some sports would get ample opportunities to move ahead in their respective fields. During this period, there is possibility of getting long held back money back from others. Peace and happiness will be witnessed in the family. There is possibility of getting into some new love relations. There are possibilities/yogas of some auspicious function taking place in the family. If there is ongoing dispute in the court and its time for final verdict, it will be favorable.

November and December will bring fabulous results and will be full of achievements. You will face challenging situation with confidence and overcome them too. You will get victory over enemies and opponents. If you are thinking of starting a new venture/project or thinking of expansion in the present work situation than without doubt success is assured. Those people appearing in competitions exams and interviews etc would come out with flying colours. Travelling due to work related issues would be possible and can result in wide scale benefits on account of such trips.


From family life and relationship perspective overall this year is really good. But during the months of February, April and July there may be some internal strife and tension. Always be practical and remain calm. During the months of April, June, November and December some auspicious event or functions like marriage or the birth of a child are indicated in family circle. You will have the blessings of elderly persons and parents at home.

Finance, Wealth and money

You will have lot of financial gains this year. Money and wealth will keep coming. You will be never short of money. Since Jupiter would remain in 7th house from your rasi for a major part of the year and even rest of the planets well placed there would be generally good gains. Those who are planning to buy a new house, land, flat or some property can have their dreams come true. You can also purchase a new vehicle too. Renovation of house, factory or office too could be planned and taken up.


You will get very good job/business offers. But those trying for departmental /administrative exams will have to work harder to get success. You will remain focused and will not allow targets to vanish from your eyes. There may be times when you will feel isolated but we believe challenges provide opportunities. If you learn from this maxim, then even negative and difficult time would pass on easily and new ideas would emerge that would prove to be worth later on.


From health perspective overall this year is very good. Every single individual could benefit if they take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercises. Your health will be generally best and you will remain fit and fine.

Astrological Remedies

If you wear 14 mukhi rudraksh then all your problems can get solved. Wearing emerald, diamond or blue sapphire could be beneficial. You can also worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu. Chant Atharvashirsha Stotra to get the blessing of Lord Ganesha.


Those who are preparing for exams and interviews make more determined efforts. You will be doing new experiments in work. Meeting new people can open the doors of progress for you.


Do not take wrong investments related decisions when in doubt consult experts. You will be spending money on luxurious items. Curtail your spending habits.