Key word : Analytical, Intelligence, Modest

Rasi Sign : The Female

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Mercury

The period from January to March is very favorable time period for you. Saturn will travel to Aquarius sign on 17th January and will be placed in your 6th house from your natal Moon. You may face many hurdles but you will be able to overcome them with ease. Things will turn for best naturally. The placements of planets overall are generally fine. Your self confidence will get boosted and you will try to complete incomplete tasks with full vigour. You will get good results in exam, competitions or interviews etc. You will have good openings in the professional work. It is a beneficial time period for job, profession and business promotion or even added responsibilities too might be given. From financial angle too time is very promising. There are possibilities for increase in sources of income and greater money flow. Those who intend to go abroad for jobs should make more efforts. Be careful in love relations and avoid being too emotional. Family would be in joy, warmth and cheer. Auspicious events may take place in the family. You will get full support from spouse.


On 22nd April Jupiter will travel to Aries sign and will get placed in your 8th house along with Rahu (which is already there) till 30th October. This shift indicated some unexpected troubles and problems coming your way all of a sudden. Your enemies and opponents will try to overpower you. You need to take care of your health too. Your expenses may also rise all of a sudden. You may also face some issues in your job/business too. You will have to come up to the expectations of your superiors too.


The months of May to October will be very supportive for you. You will get new opportunities in your trade/business. From professional perspective this period is very promising. You will be given an important position all of a sudden. Those who are in business line can get entry into some big project. Those who are entrepreneur or are involved in import-export business they can reap rich dividends during this period. You will also plan to purchase/sell some property. Pending court decision will be favorable. Your opponents will be unable to harm you. Those people who are associated with any political party or in social service will get special awards. There would be enhancement in your social status and prestige too. The performance of children in their respective field of interest would be remarkable. Your bosses will be happy with your work.


On 30th October Rahu will enter Pisces sign and will be placed in your 7th house. Ketu will travel to Virgo sign and will be placed in your lagna. Don’t trust anyone in business/financial matters blindly. People will be doing back biting. You need to remain careful. Plan out things properly.


Months of November and December too would prove to be lucky. You will increase your profits in business/trade. Your talent and caliber will be in front of everyone. Your reputation will get enhanced and your dominance will also increase. You will share good equation with your bosses. They will give you full support. Those people who are trying to gain a foot hold in creative fields like writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance or sports would get appropriate opportunities to display their talents. Your income will be good. Any family matter related to ancestral property that is ongoing in courts whose decision is expected now can come in your favor. Those appearing for any exam, competition or interview will get success. Travelling on account of professional work would keep you busy and these trips would be able to add a new dimension in your life.



From family life and relationship perspective overall this year is really good. The performance of children in their line of work would be laudable. Husband and wife will share wonderful compatibility and will understand the feelings of each other. There will be some differences between family members on some matters which will be overcome. The health of spouse/some family member could also be a cause of concern and anxiety. Some auspicious event or function in the family will take place.


Finance, Wealth and money

This year is very favorable for an increase in income/finances. You will plan to buy or purchase a house, flat, shop, land or vehicle. If you are able to execute your plans properly then, without doubt, you will gain. You will increase your profits in business and trade.



This year is very promising from works/job point of view. Those people who are in writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion designing or sports world will be able to move ahead on account of their special talents and god gift. There could be added responsibility, enhancement or designation in present job. Those decisions taken with own foresight could bring long lasting benefits.



This year is very favorable from health perspective. Yet, you cannot be complaisant and afford to relax. Those who are chronic patients can get relief. You must lead a disciplined lifestyle, do regular yoga, meditation and exercises and have a proper dietary regime. You may face some seasonal diseases but there is nothing to worry. Get regular check ups done for chronic diseases like BP, hyper tension, diabetics and heart related issues. You just need to maintain your immunity. Take care of your health and other family members well being.


Astrological Remedies

If you wear 14 Mukhi rudraksh then all your problems can get solved. Wearing emerald, diamond or blue Sapphire could be beneficial. You can also worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu. Chant Atharvashirsha Stotra to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.



Your self confidence and self esteem are of the highest order. If along with will power you mix tact and bring every situation under control than life would become smoother.



Don’t bother about criticism. Take up challenges, perform and get counted. New opportunities are waiting for you, don’t allow them to slip out of your hands.