Key word :

Rasi Sign : The Bull

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Venus

The months of January till March will prove to be very fruitful period in all aspects. Jupiter will remain in the 7th house from your natal Moon and Rahu will be placed in the 3rd house till 23rd March. There will be ample opportunities to move ahead in present job, profession and business. If you are thinking of starting a new venture / project then time is ripe for such things. Those who are eligible for marriage and are looking for suitable match can get them fixed. Your area of influence would widen leading to benefits from those who come in contact with you. Travelling due to work related issue would keep you busy and these trips would lay foundation for a bright future ahead.

The month of April would bring mixed results. Jupiter is entering in Sagittarius sign on 29th March for a short time duration. It would again re-enter into Scorpio on 23rd April, the sign in which it was placed before. It is advisable not to take risks this month. There is need to be extremely cautious in matters related to money and finances. You need to act with restrain while speaking with others.

The months from May to October in general would be good but complications and confusions would arise from time to time. Jupiter continues to remain in Scorpio rashi during this period. Saturn and Ketu too would remain jointly placed in 8th house. There would be possibilities / yogas to enter into numerous ventures. But it is also possible that hurdles may arise in work related issues in times to come. There can also be problems arising out of matters related to money and finance. Even those with whom you are negotiating issues may crop up time and again. Though there would be no major impact in present job / profession situation. Well wishers and colleagues would continue to cooperate with you. Those who are desirous of giving examinations, interview, competitions need to make special and determined efforts to get desired success.

The months of August and September may prove to be problematic. There may be some emotional issues in family life too leading to mental upheaval and tensions. Problems may also arise in matters relating to jobs and income. Your own conduct or health of some family member, both could prove to be troublesome.

The months of November and December in general does not promise much. On 5th November Jupiter would enter into Sagittarius and join Saturn and Ketu in the 8th house from your rashi. This period would be extremely troublesome. Need to be cautious from conspiracy from rivals. If some family dispute is pending in courts and a decision is expected to come during this time period it could be an adverse order / verdict against you. If time permitting and through mutual consultation and talks you try to settle some disputes then break through is possible. The rest of the planets are well placed as a result your moral will be high. In adverse situations too you will show grit and determination. If unable to take a decision on important matters it is beneficial to seek counsel from friends and well wishers. Opportunities to undertake journey would keep coming but decide to go only on those journeys where you could accomplish much in earnest. Those of you who are in creative fields and also desire to make a career in sports world time is conducive. But to get desired success on a greater level special efforts with greater will-power and determination would be needed.


From family life and relationships perspective overall the year is really good. There would be joyous atmosphere in family. Even love and bonding in family ties would be seen. During the months of January to March and then again in May till July some auspicious event may take place in family. The performance of children too would be commendable. Any children sitting for some competition or trying for higher education in any field would be able to achieve success. Your role could be to guide and act as friend, philosopher and guide. Be a torch bearer.


Since Jupiter would remain in 7th house from your rashi for major part of the year and with even rest of the planets well placed there would be generally good gains. Those who are planning to buy a new house, land, flat or some property can have their dreams come true. You can purchase a new vehicle too. Renovation of house, factory or office too could be planned and taken up.


You will be able to bring the desired changes in your work style / ethics that you have been thinking for a long time. At work place, office, shop, commercial establishment you would work on new ideas and will be met with success too. As a result, you will be appreciated by one and all. However, those months which are not favourable (as elsewhere indicated) during those time period clash and tensions with colleagues and higher up officials are indicated. Need to handle those situations with tact and understanding.


From health perspective overall this year is very good. Yet every single individual could benefit if they take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercises. Many times we unconsciously inherit many problems ourselves which prove to be troublesome to weed out later on. The months of April, July and November are not conducive from health point of view.


From your rashi sign you can wear blue sapphire, emerald or diamond. If having health issues can wear opal too. For success related to job and profession wearing five mukhi rudraksh will resolve all work related problems.


Those who make yoga, meditation and never ending patience a part of their daily routine and life style can do away with many problems naturally in due course of time. Hence, incorporate them as values in your day to day routine.


The planets overall are not favourable in your transit this year. Hence before undertaking a big course of action think twice, seek advice of experts and only then move ahead and act.