Key word : Practicality, Artistic Bent, stability, Trustworthiness

Rasi Sign : The Bull

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Venus

The period between January till March may not be very good. During this period most of the planets will be placed in 8th house from your natal Moon. Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will remain in 8th house. In January Sun, Mercury and Venus too will join them. Though on 24th January Saturn will enter its own sign Capricorn after a period of 30 years so most of these planets will combine to give results of 8th house which may prove to be a difficult period. And you can face tricky situation too in every aspect of life which you will like to avoid. But ultimately you will have to face them with courage and determination. But one positive aspect is that consequently you will get big relief from problems that you were facing for a long period. This period will also bring your hidden power into open. And you will emerge out a much better person. If you are undergoing a favorable dasa period then this planetary combination will prove beneficial for you. Overall this is a negative period. You need to avoid taking risk. And need to focus your attention. You can face disputes relating to property, money and even in personal matters. Problems will emerge from nowhere and will disturb you. You need to show patience and show calmness. Ultimately situation will turn in your favour and your problems will get resolved. It is a good time to do meditation and prayers to get relief from problems.

The time period from the month of April to June would be extremely beneficial from all angles. The main reason being benevolent planet Jupiter would travel in your 9th house in Capricorn sign on March 29 from your natal Moon and would join Saturn. This is house of fortune and you will get good results. Your problems will get solved. New opportunities in job/business too will come. Your relationship with spouse/partner and loved ones will improve. Auspicious functions like marriage can take place. Those students who are appearing for exams and interviews too will get success. Those in creative fields like writing, dancing, music, media and entertainment industry will perform exceptionally well in their respective fields and can get national/international acclaim/award too. Those in politics too will shine. And you will be undertaking trips with family for fun and relaxation.

The month of July to November will be exceptionally beneficial. Jupiter on 30 June will re-enter Sagittarius sign and will be placed in 8th house from your natal Moon. Rahu and Ketu will change position on 23rd September and will be placed in Taurus (your own sign) and Scorpio respectively. It will be prove to be a favorable time period. You will get success in your efforts. You will work hard and get positive results. Those looking for new jobs too will get success. Students appearing for exams and interviews will come out with flying colours. Those persons who are in creative fields too will get good name and fame.

The remaining time period from November 20 till the end of December too would prove to be lucky. Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn rasi on 20th November where it will remain till the end of year with Saturn. There will be boost in your self-confidence and you will try to complete incomplete tasks with full vigour. There will be good openings in the professional work. It is beneficial for present job, profession and business. Promotion or even added responsibility too might be given to you. Those intend to go abroad for jobs should make more efforts. Family would be in joy, warmth and cheer. Auspicious events may take place in the family. Full support from spouse.


From family life and relationship perspective there are glorious times ahead. General atmosphere in the family would be amiable and of peace. Some auspicious events too might take place in the family. The performance of children in their respective fields of work would be laudable. You may undertake a journey to some holy place with family which you have planned for a long time. Religious ceremony would keep taking place throughout the whole year.

Wealth and money

This year placement of majority of planets from your sign is very favorable. The main planet Saturn is placed beneficially for the whole year in your 9th house. There will be never any shortage of money. You will also recover some long held or forgotten money or debt about which you have given up hopes. You can also enter into some ambitious/vital project for which you have been making plans for a long time.


This year the more you are able to display your talents the longer benefits you would get. There would be greater understanding with officials and colleagues. People would be appreciative of your efforts whole heartedly. You would also be given such tasks which others find difficult to accomplish or get done but you would get it finished with ease. As a result of which your prestige and stature will rise further.


We strongly believe that we have to earn health. Those who follow this principle do not generally face health issues on larger level. The stars are indicating you will remain fine and fit for the whole year. Yet could face minor problems from January to March and again in November and December. You need to regulate your diet and eat healthy to remain fit.

Astrological Remedies

From your rasi sign you can wear Blue Sapphire, emerald or diamond. If heaving health issues can wear opal too. For success related to job and business wearing five mukhi rudraksh will resolve all work-related problems.


Those who are on the threshold of entering writing, literature, music and cinema make more determined efforts.


Don’t be over confident. And avoid casual approach. And believe in your own abilities to overcome problems.