Key word : Practicality, Artistic Bent, stability, Trustworthiness

Rasi Sign : The Bull

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Venus

The months of January till April would prove to be very fruitful period in all aspects. Jupiter will be placed in your 10th house (House of action) in Aquarius sign from your natal moon. Saturn will remain in the 9th house (house of fortune) in its own sign Capricorn sign. Rahu and Ketu will remain placed in Taurus and Scorpio rasi respectively in your 1st house and 7th house. There will be ample opportunities to move ahead in present job, business and profession. If you are thinking of starting a new venture/project then time is ripe for such things. Your area of influence would widen leading to benefit from those who come in contact with you. Travelling due to work related issues would keep you busy and these trips would lay foundation for a bright future. There is also a Mahalaxmi conjunction of Moon and Mars in the seventh house, which will give you gains in business, income and partnership. You can also travel abroad for business and work. You will be stronger financially. Your colleagues will cooperate with you. Enemies and opponents too will remain active but will be unable to harm you. You will also enter into new love relations leading to marriage.

During the middle part of the month in April almost all the major planets will change their signs and move to the next sign in transit. It will have far reaching significance and will set the course for rest of the year. Jupiter will move to Pisces rasi on 13th April in your 11th house (house of gains and profits). This will bring you immense gains and profits. Saturn will also travel to Aquarius rasi in your 10th house on 29th April and will remain there for next two and half months. Rahu and Ketu will also change their signs on 12th April. Rahu will transit to Aries rasi (in the sign of fiery Mars) and will remain in your 12th house while Ketu will transit to Libra rasi in your 6th house. It will prove to be challenging for you.

The months of May to July in general would be good and will prove to be favorable for you. Those who are eligible for marriage and are looking for a suitable match can get them fixed. There would be possibilities to enter into numerous ventures. There will be major changes in your present job/profession. You will be getting very good offers. Your long held pending or overdue projects would be completed easily. You will be having good monetary gains. Your income too will rise. Your investments too will reap rich dividends. You will like to take those challenges of which you were doubtful with renewed efforts. If looking for a new job, work or business or start up then take long strides ahead with confidence. Your efforts will be blessed with success. Friends and well wishers would provide ample support. Gains from banks, FIs and authority/government are also indicated.

Saturn will again comeback to Capricorn sign on 12th July and will remain there till the end of the year. The placement of Jupiter in its own sign Pisces in your 11th house is increasing your inflow of money and finance. Your profits too will rise. New opportunities in the job/business are waiting for you. Saturn is in ninth place in own sign Capricorn making your destiny stronger and mightier.

The months of August to October would be exceptionally beneficial. The presence of two major planets Jupiter and Saturn in their own signs would be extremely beneficial from all angles. You will get success in love affairs. Long cherished plans would start getting completed. If you are in job there are chances of promotions. Your boss and seniors will be blissful towards you. Trade and business related activities will increase. You will get back your long held money from others. Those money and finance related plans which were in limbo for long would also start making headway now. Peace and happiness will be witnessed in the family. There is possibility of getting into some new love relations.

Months of November – December promises a lot. They will bring favorable results. Those people who are in some creative line of work like writing, music, arts, cinema or sports would get ample opportunities to move ahead in their respective fields. People trying for a job will receive good news. Time will be spent merrily with friends and relatives. You will have support of your life partner. If planning to start a new business venture then positive results would be forthcoming. There could be atmosphere of joy and cheer in the family circle. There is possibility of going on a trip with family members to some holy place.


From family life and relationship perspective overall this year is really good. During the months of January to April and even in October till December some auspicious event may take place in the family. There would be a joyous atmosphere in the family. Even love and bonding in family ties would be seen. You will get support of your friends and relatives. Children will do well in exams. A big amount of your income will be spent on your children. Couples will share wonderful bonding and will understand each other’s feelings. You will give full priority to your family despite being busy in work.

Finance, Wealth and money

Since Jupiter will remain in your 11th house for major part of the year and with even rest of the planets (including Saturn) well placed there would be generally good gains. Those who are planning to buy a new house, land, flat or some property can have their dreams come true. You can purchase a new vehicle too. Renovation of house, factory or office too could be planned and taken up. Money inflow will be continuous.


You will be able to bring the desired changes in your work style/ethics. The placement of Saturn in your 9th and 10th houses and of Jupiter in 10th and 11th house will give wonderful results. You should take benefit of the situation. Saturn will give slow but sure results. At work place, office, shop, commercial establishment you would work on new ideas and will be met with success too. As a result, your efforts will be appreciated by one and all. You will undertake major expansion of your business. For new business this is the perfect year.


From health perspective overall this year is very good. Yet every single individual could benefit if they take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercise. Overall you will remain fit and fine. But you cannot afford to be lax. Many times we un-continuously inherit many problems ourselves which prove to be troublesome to weed out later on.

Astrological Remedies

From your rasi sign you can wear blue sapphire, emerald, or diamond for best results. For success related to job and profession wearing five mukhi rudraksh will resolve all work related problems. You can also worship Goddess Durga and Maa Laxmi for happiness and prosperity. You can recite Sri Suktam and Mahisasurmardini Stotra and get its benefit. Visit a Devi temple on Friday.


Those who are not afraid to face challenges rise in life faster. The results of your hard work and practice will be in your favor. You need to regulate your life routine. You need to make yoga, meditation and never ending patience a part of your daily routine and people will be impressed by your life style.

Thus you can do away with many problems naturally in due course of time. People will be impressed with your attitude.


Don’t allow this favorable time period to slip away. Your efforts will bring fantastic results. Don’t speak harshly with others. Don’t trust anybody in money matters.