Key word :

Rasi Sign : Scorpio

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Mars


The period from January to March is a very favourable time for you. Though you might face many hurdles in between yet you will be able to make way for yourself naturally. Jupiter will be placed in your Rashi and Rahu will be present in 9th house. The placement of Saturn in the 2nd house and overall placement of other planets is generally fine. There will be a boost in your self confidence and you will try to complete unfinished tasks with full vigour and hope. You will get adequate success too in that direction.  If giving any exam, competition or interview etc. there are very good chances of positive results. There would be very good openings in the professional work. Time is very beneficial for present job, profession and business. There could be some promotion or even added responsibilities too might be given. From money and finance angle too time is very promising. There are yogas / possibilities for increase in sources of income and greater money flow. Those who intend to go abroad for jobs should make more efforts to achieve desired outcome. The overall atmosphere in the family would be of joy, warmth and cheer. Auspicious events may take place in the family. There would be continued and full support from spouse for you.

During the month of April, Jupiter would travel to Sagittarius rashi for 25 days and then again on 23rd April it would re-enter your own sign Scorpio. Rahu will be placed in the 8th house on 23rd March. This month will also be very fruitful for you. Efforts made in financial matter would bear fruits. Those who desire to get loans from government, bank or financial institutions would be able to make positive gains in those direction. There is festive atmosphere in the family and an auspicious function can also take place in the family circles.

The period from months of May to October will be very supportive for you. From professional perspective this period is very promising. You can be given an important position all of a sudden. Those who are in business can get entry into some big project. Those who are entrepreneurs or are involved in import – export business even they can reap rich dividends during this time period. Yogas / possibilities to buy some long desired property also exist. There are possibilities to get house renovated too.  Any matter that is pending in the courts and if any decision is expected during this time period then a favourable order can be expected. Opponents would not be able to harm you despite trying their level best. Those people who are associated with any political party or in social service will get special rewards. There would be enhancement in your social status and prestige too. The performance of children in their respective fields of interest would be remarkable.

Months of November and December too would prove to be lucky. After transiting in your rashi for whole year benevolent Jupiter would again enter into Sagittarius rashi on 5th November where Saturn and Ketu are already placed. Those who are involved in creative fields like – writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance or sports world would get appropriate opportunities to display their talents. Those people who are trying to make a foot hold in these fields would find time favourable to gain wealth and income. Any family matter related to ancestral property that is ongoing in courts whose decision is expected now can come in your favour. Traveling on account of professional work would keep you busy and these trips would be able to add a new dimension in your life. If during this period appearing in any exam, competition or interview then those persons would come out with flying colours.


From family life and relationships perspective there are glorious times ahead. General atmosphere in the family would be amiable and of peace.  Some auspicious event too might take place in the family. The performance of children in their respective fields of work would be laudable.  You may undertake a journey to some holy religious place with family which you had planned for a long time now. There are possibilities for growth in the family tree.


This year placement of majority of planets from your sign is very favourable. The main planet Jupiter (giver of wealth) is placed beneficially for the large part of year. Therefore there will never be any shortage of money. You will also recover some long held or forgotten money or debt about which you have given up hopes. There is possibility of profits and income from sale / purchase of property.


This year the more you are able to display your talents the larger benefits you would get. There would be greater understanding with officials and colleagues. People would be appreciative of your efforts whole heartedly. You would also be given such tasks which others find difficult to accomplish or get done but you would  finished it with ease, as a result of which your prestige and stature will rise further.


We strongly believe that we have to earn health. Those who follow this principle do not generally face health issues on a larger level. The stars are indicating you will remain fine and fit for the whole year. Even though health of family members, by and large would remain fine during major parts of the year yet during the months of April and October health of some member in family may be a cause of concern.


Wearing 11 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksh is always beneficial for you. Yellow sapphire, coral and pearl can also be worn.  Worshiping lord Hanuman would be favourable for you.


Time is very promising, make best use.  Apply this principle – think big and act big. You will find unthought of changes taking place in your life.


Laziness and running away from duties are man’s biggest enemy. You should be wary of it.