Key word : Strong willed, Passionate, Intelligent

Rasi Sign : Scorpio

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Mars

The period from January to March is very favorable time for you. There is going to be lot of action in your second house (house of income) with majority of planets influencing it. Jupiter will remain in 2nd house along with Ketu and Saturn in Sagittarius sign. Sun, Mercury and Venus too will join them in January. Although Saturn will move to 3rd house on 24th January in its own sign Capricorn. Your money/finance related work will get resolved. In the economic field worthwhile efforts made would prove to be gainful. Those trying for getting loan sanctioned from some finance institution or banks for some ambitious or big projects for a long time would be able to get success. It is a very good time to start new projects/ventures. People will come forward to help you in a big way. They will be keen to even make major investments in your pet projects if you are able to convince them. Though you may face some hurdles yet you will be able to make way for yourself naturally. There will joy, warmth and cheer in family relations. Auspicious events will take place in family. You will get opportunities to move ahead in present job, profession and business. Happiness and peace will prevail in your domestic life.

Months of April to June too will prove to be lucky. Jupiter will enter Capricorn rasi on March 29th and join Saturn which is already present their in its own sign. While Saturn is comfortable in its own rasi and gives good benefits Jupiter faces a peculiar situation as it gets debilitated in this sign. Yet because of conjunction of these two important planets atmosphere of goodwill and trust will be created. People will have faith in your abilities to deliver. And you will come up to the expectations of everyone. You will move ahead with a new confidence and determination. It is a very good time to start a new venture, startup, digitalization, joint partnership or new association. You will try to complete pending tasks with full vigour. There will be good openings in the professional work. Possibilities for increase in sources of income and greater money inflow. Family atmosphere will be wonderful. And family members will share amazing bonding and better understanding. Loved ones will come closer to each other. You will be meeting lot of new people who will help you grow professionally. You will also be undertaking lot of business/work related trips which will prove beneficial for you in days to come. You will also get a chance to interact with lot of people. Those who are in sports, acting, films, writing etc. will be able to influence people by their personality and will play a big role in days to come. You can also make plans to travel abroad and it will bring wonderful results for you. Efforts in financial matters will bear fruit. Opponents won’t be able to harm you. Professionally you will feel the need to bring sudden changes in your work style. There are possibilities of sudden journeys which will prove beneficial for you. Family relations will grow stronger and there would be atmosphere of peace and happiness that will prevail. There will be better understanding among the family members.

The months of July to November will prove to be exceptionally good for you. Jupiter will re-enter Sagittarius sign on 30th June. You will be making best use of your communication skills and will be interacting a lot with people on one to one basis. You will have the gift of the gab and will manage to impress the people. New atmosphere will be created. Those projects/plans which got stopped or where left incomplete would get completed. It is a favorable period for those connected with politics and social service. From money/finance point of view, it is a beneficial period. You will get new job opportunities. Those who are in business might enter into partnership / joint venture and can also plan a major expansion. Those of you who are making efforts to get job/employment or want to go abroad for higher studies will also get success in that direction. There will be good news from children’s side too. There are possibilities for buying new property, flat, vehicle and house etc.

The remaining time period of the year from November 20 till December 31 too will be generally favorable for you. Jupiter will join Saturn in Capricorn sign again on 20th November. Your name and fame will grow. There will be festival like atmosphere in the family. Marriage ceremony will take place. Students will get success in exams and interviews.

It is a good year in totality. You will make best use of your communication skills as a result of which new contacts will be developed that would prove to be beneficial later on. There would also be enhancement of your prestige. Luck also favours us during good days as we show love, bonding and better understanding in our relations.


You will enjoy trust and goodwill of your family members. They will give you respect and you will be also be willing to help them. You will also get assistance from your relatives and they will be ready to help you. There is also possibility of some auspicious event taking place in the family. You can also go to some pleasant sight seeing tour with loved ones to some exotic locations.

Wealth and money

 You will take steps for financial benefits and the results will be visible. You can make new investments and also make plans for buying property, flats etc. Money inflow will be continuous and your financial condition will keep getting better. You can also enter into some ambitious/vital project for which you have been making plans for a long time now.


This is going to be a golden phase in your life for you. You will develop new contacts and they will help you grow immensely in your business/profession. You will stand ahead in competition while competing with others. Very attractive job offers and opportunities are awaiting you. Your boss and superiors will be satisfied with your work.


This is a very good year from health point of view. You will get relief from chronic diseases. Adopting good habits like Yoga, physical exercise, diet control etc will help you overcome health problems. With regard to health we have a firm belief that good health has to earned that too by your own efforts.

Astrological Remedies

Yellow sapphire, coral and pearl can be worn. Worshipping lord Hanuman would be favorable for you. Wearing 11 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksha is beneficial.


Time is favorable. Make best use of new contacts. Travels related to business/work will help you a lot.


Don’t be afraid to take responsibilities.