Key word : Strong willed, Passionate, Intelligent

Rasi Sign : Scorpio

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Mars

The placement of planets during the time period of January to April is very favorable. Your own sign lord Mars will be in its own sign. Jupiter will be present in the Aquarius sign in your fourth place. Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in 7th house (in Taurus) and Ketu in 1st house (in Scorpio) from your natal Moon. Saturn will be placed in 3rd house in Capricorn sign. There would be favorable situation developing in professional matters. Progress in present job and business is indicated. Those looking for job/employment through some examination or completion will see desired results. Your financial position will get stronger. Possibilities of even getting back held money given to others. Those who are trying to get some loan from banks, financial institutions or government would also be able to get success in their pursuit. Political or social worker will also find this time period much better. Work related travels will continue and you will benefit a lot. You will also make plan to buy a house, flat or property. Auspicious functions will take place.

In April most of the planets will change their signs and will transit to next sign in the Zodiac. Rahu and Ketu will enter Aries and Libra rasi respectively. They will be placed in your 6th and 12th house respectively. You will be facing challenging situation in your life. But Jupiter will be favorably placed in your fifth house in its own sign Pisces. It will give you fantastic results. Saturn too will enter Aquarius rasi on 29th April in your fourth house and will remain here for a short duration. Professionally you will feel the need to bring changes in your work style. There are possibilities of sudden journeys which will prove beneficial for you.

The months of May to July would overall be generally fruitful for you. Exam, competition or interview will give positive results. These months are favourable for those connected with politics, media and social service. Family will be amiable and full of warmth. There is possibility of some auspicious function taking place. You can also enter into new love relationship. There will be good news from children too. From money/finance point of view, beneficial period. Those entering into some money/investment related schemes would also get success for buying new property, house, vehicle and flat etc. Saturn will again re-enter Capricorn sign on 12th July and will remain here till the end of the year in your third place.

The months of August, September and October will also prove to be favorable for you. You will look for new job/business opportunities. Work related trips will keep you busy. You can make good use of your communication skills during these days as a result of which new contacts would be developed that would prove to be beneficial later on. There would be enhancement in your social stature and prestige. Those who are connected with any creative field like music, cinema, writing, literature, arts, fashion, dancing or sports etc. would be able to make good name and fame for themselves. Their popularity too will rise. Those who want to go abroad for job, business or higher studies will also get immense success in that direction. Family relations will grow stronger and there will be atmosphere of peace and happiness that will prevail. There will be better understanding among family members.

November and December too will prove to be beneficial. In your job can be given an important position all of a sudden. You will also get a big project in your business. You will also get work orders from abroad. You will have monetary gains. Those who are preparing for some interview/exams will come out with flying colors. There is no need to get dis-hearted and need to put in your best efforts. Success is waiting with open hands to welcome you. You will also encase any opportunity presented to you in your job/business. There are yogas/possibilities to buy some house, flat, land and vehicle etc. too. If there are possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy or if there are disputes relating to property then efforts to resolve them through mutual talks and understanding would bring positive results.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is very good. Due to favorable placement of Jupiter and Saturn there will be atmosphere of bliss warmth and cheer in your family. There will be display of love and bonding among family members. There are also yogas for auspicious celebrations in the family. You can also go with family members for some fun filled vacations for sightseeing and relaxation when you have free time to some favorable place. You will give more importance to your family than work. There will be sweetness in marital relationships.

Finance, Wealth and money

This year is very rewarding in terms of wealth and money. You will be never sort of funds. You will also double your income. Your hard work will bring you best results in terms of monetary gains. You will also recover your money given to some person. There are yogas/possibilities to buy new house, flat or shop/commercial space. If there are any dispute related to ancestor’s family property going on then chances of those getting resolved are bright. It could be solved through mutual discussion and understanding. Your financial condition will be strong.


From professional point of view too this year is very promising. Your hard work will get recognized. You will be working very hard. You will also meet influential persons who will help you dedicated towards your work with full enthusiasm. Success can be seen after hard work. You will implement new ideas and plans in your work. You will impress one and all with your work style. You will show better performance. You will also set your target and achieve it.


This year will be good for your physical health. Overall you will be remain fit, fine and in the best of health. You need to take care of your diet. You need to keep doing regular meditation, exercise and daily work. You will also get relief from old long term diseases. You need to take proper care of other family members health too.

Astrological Remedies

Wearing 11 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksha is always beneficial for you. Yellow sapphire, coral and pearl can also be worn. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and reciting “Hanuman Chalisa” would be favorable for you.


Your whole attention should be focused towards your goal. In the end, you will get success. You should make best use of golden time period as planets are placed favorably for you.


Don’t lend your money otherwise, you will not be able to recover it. Keep your eyes and ears open in financial deals. Keep alertness in partnership deals. Do not expect to get more than what you deserve.