Key word :

Rasi Sign : The Archer

Rasi Element : Fire

Rasi Lord : Jupiter


The months of January to March will have Jupiter in your 12th house (house of expenditure) from your natal Moon. Rahu will be placed in the 8th house and Ketu will be stationed in 2nd house. Saturn’s transit is over your rashi itself. As a consequence, these months could be somewhat worrisome. There would be uncalled for tensions in matters related to job and profession. Even small or major differences could turn serious. Hence, protect your interests in such situations. It is not idle time for investment related decisions. For such matters it would be appropriate for you to take proper advice from competent persons. There would be problems even in matters related to money and finance. It might be difficult for you to recover your own money given to third persons. Hence, take adequate caution before lending money to others. Your own health or someone’s in the family may be the cause of some anxiety. Show patience and calmness in such matters. The help of well wishers and friends would keep coming during whole year that would never let your moral go down.

The month of April would provide you some relief. Jupiter would be traveling on 29th March in your sign or lagna itself. However its stay would be very short here. But transit of Rahu in the 7th house in Gemini rashi would make things better. Those who are appearing for some examinations, competition or interview should not let their efforts go down as time is very favourable for success in such activities. Your efforts to get some job / employment would be rewarded with positive results. Professional / work related trips are possible which would later turn out to be beneficial. There would be warmth and bonding in family relations and even your spouse will provide full support to you.

The months of May to October would provide mixed results. But if you work with full attention then you can be assured of better results. The other two important planets for your sign are Sun and Mars. Both would be beneficial for your sign during May and June. Hence, whatever work you have taken on hand would get completed. Those who are giving any important exam, interview or other tests then they would come out with flying colours. Those efforts made to secure new job / employment would be worth it. There is also possibility of getting involved in some new love relations. But during the month of July due to the weak placement of Mars there may be some unwanted tensions. Try to avoid hot exchange of words. There are possibilities of accidents taking place or indication of poor health too.

The months of August, September and October would prove to be quite fruitful. You will get relief from past troubles. Your confidence would rise and you will be able to turn situation in your favour. Your financial position will be better than before. Yet, before undertaking any investment related decision have a re-think.

The months of November and December would be exceptionally bright. From 5th November Jupiter will cross over to your own sign where it would be in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu. You will start getting relief from troubles that had besieged you. Favourable turn off events would arise in present job /employment. Those looking for new jobs / employment will also get desired results. Your financial position would improve considerably and you may also think of putting money in some new investment scheme. Family atmosphere would be generally wonderful and there would be love and warmth in family ties.


From family life and relationships perspective this year could be testing. The months of January, February and July are adverse. Tension, arguments, conflicts and fights are possible among family members. During this time, you should emerge as an ideal person and also show patience and control. During this period due to health of some family members you can feel depressed.


This year there could be some struggle from economic point of view. You would be unable to stop warranted expenditure despite best efforts. There should not be any investment related decisions without giving thoughtful consideration. Take note of those months which have been indicated elsewhere in this forecast.


Overall you will have to face many challenges on the professional front. It may seem that situation is adverse but that will not be the case. If you think properly and act wisely very good results will be forthcoming. Yet, do take note of months that have been indicated as adverse in this forecast.


We believe with regard to health that it does not get better or worse in a day. For that matter if dietary habits, yoga, exercise, meditation are done with a regularity and purpose then even adverse time period can be turned into our advantage. Else take proper care in those months which have been discussed elsewhere.


For your rashi wearing 8 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 15 mukhi rudraksh would always be advantageous. Wearing yellow sapphire, coral and ruby would prove to be beneficial this year.


Do take advantage of the time when stars are in your favour. That time period has been indicated in this forecast.


When our luck runs out even well intended efforts go futile. This is a universal truth. When we have situation under our control even events turn out to be inour favour. But shy away from taking vital decisions under difficult situations.