Key word : Curious and Energetic

Rasi Sign : The Archer

Rasi Element : Fire

Rasi Lord : Jupiter

The months of January to April will have Jupiter in your 3rd house (house of action) from your natal Moon. Rahu will be placed in your 6th house in Taurus rasi and Ketu will be in 12th house in Scorpio rasi. Saturn will remain in your 2nd house (in Capricorn sign) from your Zodiac. As a consequence, you will have a challenging time period on your hands. You may face some health problems but things will get better quickly. Enemies and opponents will remain active but will be unable to harm you. Your income will be good and money inflow will be continuous. You will use new ideas and techniques in your business as a result of which your profits will increase. You will enjoy wonderful relations with your bosses and superiors. Even your colleagues will help you a lot. In your job, you will do your work with total honesty, dedication and sincerity. You will be getting fantastic results.

Jupiter will travel to next sign Pisces on 13th April and will remain here till the end of the year in your 4th house. On 12th April, Rahu will enter in Aries (in your 5th house) and Ketu will be stationed in your 11th house (house of gains and profits) in Libra sign. Saturn will also travel to Aquarius rasi on 29th April and will remain here for a short duration. This movement of planets will favor you a lot and you will get lot of benefits.

The months of May, June and July would prove to be quite fruitful. You will get relief from past troubles. Your confidence would rise and you will be able to turn situation in your favour. Your influence will also get widened and financially you will be in a stronger and capable position. Those who are appearing for some examinations, competition or interview would get success. Your efforts to get some job/employment would be rewarded with positive results. In investment related decisions take advice from competent persons. Your financial position will be better than before. Yet, before undertaking any investment related decision have a rethink. If you work with full dedication then you will be assured of better results. Whatever work you take on hand will get completed. Those who are giving any important exam, interview or other tests then they would come out with flying colors. Those efforts made to secure new job/employment would be worth it. There is also possibility of getting into new love relations. On 12th July Saturn will again return to Capricorn rasi. The effect of Saturn’s (sadhe sati) will continue on Sagittarius. You need to take all steps carefully after putting in lot of thoughts into it.

August to October will give beneficial results. You will start getting relief from troubles that had besieged you. Favorable turn off events would arise in present job/employment. Those looking for new job/employment will also get desired results. Financial results would improve considerably and you may also think of putting money in new investment schemes. Family atmosphere would be generally wonderful. You will recover money given to third persons. Those looking for new jobs will get success. Those appearing for exams and interviews will also get rewarded for their efforts. Show patience and calmness in stressful situations. The help of well wishers and friends would keep coming during whole year that would never let your moral go down. Professionally you will feel the need to bring changes in your work style. There are possibilities of sudden journeys which will prove to be beneficial for you. Family will be amiable and full of warmth. There is possibility of some auspicious function taking place. There will be good news from children’s side too. Students will focus in their studies and get admission in courses/institutes of their choice.

The months of November and December would also prove to be exceptionally good for you. Those entering into some money/investment related schemes would also get success. There are possibilities for buying new property, flat, vehicle and house etc. Efforts put in financial matters would bear fruits. Those who desire to get loans from government, bank or financial institutions would be able to make positive gains in those directions. Festive atmosphere in the family. Those who are in business can get entry into some big project. Students will be dedicated and concentrate on their studies. You will be full of self-confidence when appearing for interview and exams. The results of administrative /departmental exams, interviews and competitive exams will be in your favor. You will be given new responsibilities in your job. You will implement new plans for increasing your income.


From family life and relationships perspective there are glorious time ahead General atmosphere in the family would be amiable and of peace. Some auspicious function/event too might take place in the family. You will also plan to go on a pleasant sight seeing tour with loved ones to some exotic locations. Luck also favors us during good days. We show love, respect, bonding and better understanding in the family. Those who are unmarried will get marriage proposals. You will also spent on education and marriage of your children. The performance of children in their respective fields of work would be laudable.

Finance, Wealth and money

This is a very promising year from economic point of view almost all the major planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu would provide beneficial results during the year. Your financial position will also keep getting better and you will be never short of funds. Additional sources of income too could be tapped. You will also recover some long held or forgotten money or debt about which you have given up hopes. There is possibility of profits and income from sale/purchase of property.


From professional point of view this year will provide you with opportunities/ circumstances that you have been waiting for a long time. There would be better understanding with officials and colleagues. You will get opportunities of further growth in job, business and profession. You will get wide recognition for your efforts. People would be appreciative of your efforts whole heartedly. You would also be given such tasks which others find difficult to accomplish or get done but you will get it finished with ease. As a result of which your prestige and stature will rise further.


This year will prove to be very good from health point of view. You will get relief from chronic diseases. With regard to health we have a firm belief that good health has to be earned that too by your own efforts. You need to remain alert specially for your health. Along with the doctor’s timely advice leading a balanced and healthy life style will help you in long run. You need to do include meditation, yoga, physical exercise and regular walking in your daily schedule. Take healthy diet too.

Astrological remedies

For your rasi wearing 8 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 15 mukhi rudraksh would also be advantageous. Wearing yellow sapphire, coral and ruby would prove to be beneficial this year. You can worship Lord Vishnu and Hanuman for good benefits. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranamam for positive results.


Take advantage of a favorable time period. You need to do your work with total dedication, honesty and security. You will face every challenge and difficulty bravely.


There will be ups and downs and challenges for you in life. But remain even minded and strong. Never give up hope. Events will turn out in your favor.