Key word : Curious and Energetic

Rasi Sign : The Archer

Rasi Element : Fire

Rasi Lord : Jupiter

The months of January to March will have majority of planets in your own sign. And it is a very favorable placements of planets to have. Saturn is present here along with Ketu, Rahu too aspecting from 7th house. Jupiter is present in its own sign Sagittarius. Even Sun, Mercury and Venus would join them in January. Though Saturn will move to second house in its own sign on January 24th after a long gap of 30 years. There is a force in this sign. It is an important sign for our country too. Even yugas change take place from this sign. But talking individually these three months are going to be very fruitful for you. It is an ideal time to get out of all your problems. Thus it is going to be a wonderful time period. You will like to change your life completely for good. And will like to come out of your self-created problems. You can thus start a new journey in your life. And will like to do something unique which you were unable to do before. You will like to change your situation- be it social, economic, financial, professional or personal. It is best time to come out of your comfort zone. And with planetary condition favoring, you can get wonderful results in your job and profession. Students will perform exceptionally well in exams and competitions too. You can enter a new journey in your life and can get out of your individual problems. Your efforts to get some job/employment would be rewarded with positive results. Professional/ work related trips are possible which would later turn out to be beneficial. There would be warmth and bonding in family relations and even your spouse will provide full support to you.

The months of April to July will bring mixed results. Jupiter will change it position and would join Saturn on 29th March. This combination of Jupiter and Saturn will bring very good results for you. It is an ideal time to resolve long pending family disputes. If you are having problems in your relationship with your brothers/sisters it is appropriate time to make up. Even property related disputes among family members can be resolved amicably. Your income related problems too can be solved during this period. You can buy/sell property. And can make investments in new/pet projects. If you find them profitable than go ahead. Whatever work you have taken on hand would get completed. These efforts made to secure new job/employment would be worth it.

The months of July to November would prove to be quite fruitful. Jupiter will re-enter Sagittarius sign on June 30. Rahu and Ketu too will change its position on September 23 and enter Taurus and Scorpio rasi respectively. It is a very productive time period which will bring excellent benefits. This is the time when you can get success in your mission/agenda towards which you will be committed fully. You will get relief from past hurdles. Your confidence would also rise and you will be able to turn the situation in your favor. Your financial position would get better than before. Your enemies/rivals will be defeated.  Those who are giving any important exam, interview or other tests would come out with flying colours.

The remaining time period of the year from November 20 till the end of December would be exceptionally better. Jupiter would join Saturn in Capricorn sign on November 20 and will bring you good results. Your old disputes would get resolved. Your will get new job/business offers. Auspicious functions like marriage or birth of a new born baby are possible.

This is going to be a wonderful year. You will get relief from hurdles that had besieged you. Favorable turn off events would arise in present job/employment. Those looking for new jobs/employment will also get desired results. Your financial position would improve considerably and you can also think of putting money in some new investment scheme. Family atmosphere would be generally wonderful.


You will get your family’s whole hearted support throughout the year whatever the condition be. Chemistry will be good between wife and husband. The talk of marriages for those who are single will proceed further. You will get emotional support from spouse in every difficult time. General atmosphere in the family would be amiable and of peace. There are possibilities for growth in the family tree.

Wealth and money

You will invest in ambitious projects/ventures. Money inflow will be continuous. There will be never any shortage of money. The sale/purchase of property will bring good profits and income.


It is a favorable year for business or business related activities. You will manage to clinch lucrative deals and get some big order. Your bosses and seniors will be happy with your performance. People would be appreciative of your efforts whole heartedly.


You will remain fine and fit for the whole year. Health of your family members too will remain fine. You have to be very regular in your physical exercise schedule, Pranayam and Meditation. Take care of your normal diet too.

Astrological remedies

Wearing 11 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksh is always beneficial for you. Wearing yellow sapphire, coral and ruby would prove to be beneficial this year.


Make best use of this favorable time period. If you persist with your efforts, your life will take a complete U-turn and there will be no looking back.


If you do not carry your passion and zeal in your work it would harm your own interests in the long run.