Key word : Artistic, selfless, generous

Rasi Sign : Fish

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Jupiter

From January to April, Jupiter will transit in your lagna in its own sign Pisces. Saturn will be placed in your 12th house in Aquarius sign which it will enter on 17th January. This year your Sadhe saati will begin after Saturn’s transit in Aquarius sign. It will be its first phase of sadhe saati. You will face hurdles and challenges. There will be obstacles that you will be facing. You will also have to undertake travels related to work which will prove to be tough. You will have to face opposition and tensions in your job. Your opponents and enemies will be active. You will also have to meet rising expenses. You will also think about changing your job. But due to favorable placement of Jupiter in its own sign you will have benefits too. You will be religious and will do charitable work. You will earn money with your hard work. Your health will remain good.


You will also get success in competitions/interviews. Your good communication skill will be an additional benefit. You may get a firm foothold in some vital project. Your area of influence would increase. You will have relations with higher up people on even footing. From an economic perspective, the situation is favorable. There will be double growth in income and there are prospects of generating additional sources of income too. You will get a pleasant news about someone close to you. There is possibility of a new job offer coming to you. Those already in job could get a promotion too. You will have to be careful in love relations. Do not take any decision in a hurry but you will see prosperity in your family. Husband and wife will share wonderful bonding. Marriage of a family member will get finalized. Business and financial activities will pick up. You will develop interest in new subjects. Those who are in politics, media and social work will do well.


On 22nd April Jupiter will travel to Aries sign and will be placed in your second house from natal Moon. It will join Rahu here till the month of October. This transit is favorable for you. But you may have some health related issues. You will also have to be careful in financial dealings. Avoid any not exchange of words with your family members.


The months of May to October will provide better results. You will have opportunities to take steps in job, education and business. Those who want to go abroad for higher education, job, business need to make efforts in the right directions. You will be suitably rewarded for all the hard work put by you. You will have plans to buy some house, flat, land and vehicle. If there are possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy or if there are disputes relating to property then efforts to resolve them through mutual talks and understanding would bring positive results. In your work and business you will have challenges and hardships. But you will overcome them with courage and determination.


You will also postpone investment related decisions. You will take adequate care of your own health along with the health of other family members. The disputes regarding property will get resolved. Apply your mind properly in matters of vital importance. Your relationship with bosses and officers will be cordial. You will travel extensively due to your work/business commitments. You will also make plans to buy some house/flat/commercial property/vehicle. The atmosphere at home will be wonderful. Love mates will have a great time. Marriage of a family members will get fixed. Those who are single will plan to get married. There will be outlines of new work. Students will get success in exams/interview. Situations will be favorable at your workplace. You will be in total command of the things.


On 30th October Rahu will enter your lagna in Pisces sign. Ketu will be placed in your 7th house in Virgo rasi. Your self confidence will get boosted. And you will be eager to finish off your work. There will be no show off. You will be result oriented and very practical. You will be emotionally strong too.


November and December will be favorable months. You will have support of your family members and office colleagues. Your boss will be impressed with your attitude. You will have financial worries. There are chances of success in business/work. You will be the one who takes the lead in organizational matters and others will follow you. You will like to be a torch bearer and guide others. You will take your work/job seriously. You will get new job/business offers. Those who are giving exams/interviews will get lot of success. You will get rewarded for your hard work. You will get victory in legal battles. You will also give lot of time to your family. Your health will be alright. You will pack your begs and will head to a travel destination with your family. You will receive a warm welcome at your relative’s place. Love mates will work on improving their ties. You will prosper in your life. There will be growth and stability in your business/work.



From family life and relationship perspective overall this year will bring mixed results. There will be some tensions in family ties but family members will support you fully. They will give lot of love and respect to each other. Children will do well in exams. You will make plans for their career and marriage. You will also focus on your relations with your siblings. With your wisdom and foresight you will even out things perfectly. There would be moments of festival like atmosphere in the family circle. That may include marriages, birth of a child or some other auspicious events or functions. You will remain close to your family members. Husband and wife will share wonderful bonding. Your family will stand united in demanding situations.


Finance, Wealth and money

This is a favorable year in areas of finance, wealth and money. You will work hard and also earn well. All of a sudden some big deal or contract is possible. It may result in a gain of large sum of money by stroke of good luck. There are possibilities of income coming from foreign sources or from far flung areas too. You will have gains in sale/purchase of property. You will also plan to buy a house, flat, shop, factory or commercial space.



From profession/business point of view it looks you are destined to get a lot of good offers related to work. Just grab them with both the hands. You will get enhancement in your name, fame and status. You will get success with your hand work and labor. You will get new job offers and will sign new projects too.



You will be careful with regard to your health. You would benefit if you take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Your overall health will be good. Take care of health of other family members too. Do yoga, exercise and walking regularly. Your organized daily routine, taking healthy diet and a systematic life style will work in your favor.


Astrological Remedies

As far as remedies are concerned, wearing 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh will be beneficial. This year will provide you with good results and luck. Wear yellow sapphire, pearl and red coral without any hesitation. To overcome the ill–effects of first phase of Sadhe saati worship Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna or Sani Dev. You can also recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sani Chalisa. Help needy and poor people. You can chant Vishna Sahasranamam to get positive benefits.



There will be a boost in your self–confidence. Those who are appearing for interviews/competitions will get success. But only after hard work and lot of efforts. You will also have your dreams come true. People will be appreciative of your talents and ability. Your door or wealth and prosperity will open up.



Don’t make any mistake in your work. Otherwise your seniors will be disappointed. Work is worship this should be your motto to get success. Don’t panic and give up once you have started a task/work. Don’t ignore advice of your seniors, well wishers and family members.