Key word : Artistic, selfless, generous

Rasi Sign : Fish

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Jupiter

The months of January to March will bring positive results. Most of the planets would be placed in your 10th house (house of karmas and action). Jupiter along with Ketu will be present in this house, with Rahu aspecting it from 4th house. Sun, Mercury and Venus will join them in January. Saturn which is present here will, however, move to next sign Capricorn in 11th house on 24th January. When majority of planets are present in 10th house and then move to other house it creates a point. Their impact is long lasting. Since these are connected with 10th house, it is important for country’s future and also its politics too. But here we are talking about impact these planets will have on individual’s destiny. Since Jupiter is in its own sign Sagittarius it will have prominent impact on other planets too, although results will be very favorable. Jupiter will govern over the results of other planets. This placement of planets helps remove imbalance in native’s life which was created before. In other words, a person can change his destiny and emerge out a much better person. His/her action would lead to roads towards perfection. In the process, the person becomes more dynamic and result oriented. Planets become temporary benefic when they are present in 10th house. There could be promotion or rise in present job profile. If you are thinking of some expansion in business or new openings in job you will accomplish positive gains. You can initiate big plans in any field like business, job, education, start up venture or building a new house. Time is gainful for those who are looking for job opportunities, business or higher studies abroad.

April to June would be spend in wonderful spirit and atmosphere. Jupiter will come in 11th house  (house of gains) on March 29 in Capricorn sign and will join Saturn here. It is a wonderful combination of two main planets which govern our destiny. It will, in the process, turn out to be a profitable period. New work/projects can be initiated. You will get new business opportunities in partnership which will later give good profits and hold immense potentials in future. You will get support of new friends and associates who will recognize your worth and appreciate your talents. They will be willing to make heavy investments in projects initiated by you. You will get unlimited opportunities in job, profession and business.

Months of July to November would prove to be especially fruitful. Jupiter would enter Sagittarius sign on June 30. Saturn will remain in Capricorn. Rahu and Ketu too will change their position and enter Taurus and Scorpio sign respectively on September 23, 2020. It is a very good time period to move ahead in your profession/work. Those who are in politics or social service will get good name and fame. You will make plans to buy some new property. Marriage of a family member is also indicated. Those who are thinking in terms of new job too will get success. Money inflow will be continuous. Additional sources of income too can be tapped. You will also get domestic and international recognization if you are in creative fields like acting, dancing, writing, media, fashion etc. Your name and fame will rise too. You will also witness peace and harmony in your personal relationship. There will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. There will be display of love and bonding among family members. There are yogas for auspicious celebrations in the family. These events will take place on a grand scale with the presence of family members and friends. Those who are thinking in terms of changing their present job and those who are interested in starting some new business then these months could prove worthwhile. If some ancestral property or any other land/property is disputed and matter is sub-judiced in courts then it would be wise to go for a out of court settlement in those matters.

The remaining time period of the year from November 20 till the end of 31st December will also be productive especially from professional perspective. It is possible that some project or planning could be executed. There are indication of domestic trips as well as going abroad due to work related issues. And consequently these trips would turn out to be very fortunate. Your economic condition will get better. New job offers will come. And there are chances of some marriage function taking place and arrival of a new boy born in the family.

Thus it is going to be an excellent year. Those who are looking for new job would be lucky in that direction. Those who are thinking in terms of starting new business, venture or some project would find luck favoring them. Those who are of eligible age for marriage also stand a good chance to find a suitable match.


From the family life and relationship perspective overall the year is really good. During the months of April, May, November and December some auspicious events or functions like marriage or the birth of a child are indicated in family circles. There would be joyous atmosphere in the family. Even love and bonding in the family ties could be seen.

Wealth and money

This year is very fruitful from economic point of view. There are yogas/ possibilities to buy land, house, flat or shop/commercial space. Since Jupiter and Saturn will be placed in house of profit, there would be generally good gains. You can purchase a new vehicle too.


It is a wonderful year from professional point of view. You will be able to bring the desired changes in your work style/ethics that you have been thinking for a long life. Professional/ work related trips will keep you busy. In your workplace/business you would work on new ideas and will be met with success too. You will win praise and appreciation of one and all.


You will enjoy excellent health throughout the year and remain in fine fettle and remain hale and hearty. Yet, it would be added advantage if every individual take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercise.

Astrological Remedies

Wear yellow Sapphire, pearl and red coral without any hesitation. Wearing 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh this year will provide you with good results and luck.


Those who are on the threshold of entering writing, literature, arts, music and cinema make more determined efforts.


It is time to move ahead with the time and adopt flexible attitude. Those who do not move with the time are often left alone.