Key word : Artistic, selfless, generous

Rasi Sign : Fish

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Jupiter

The months of January to April will bring positive results. Saturn will remain in your 11th house in Capricorn rasi. Jupiter will be placed in your 12th house in Aquarius rasi. Rahu will remain in your 3rd house in Taurus rasi. Ketu will remain in your 9th house in Scorpio rasi. There will be betterment in your business. Your profits will rise. Your position and prestige will also grow. Enemies and opponents will be active but will be unable to harm you. There are possibility/yogas for auspicious events at home. You will be busy in preparation for the happy events with your friends and family members. Joy and cheer will prevail in family circle. Time will be turning for betterment. You will also witness professional growth. It is ideal time to look for new job opportunities. Additional sources of income too could be tapped.

You may have a promotion in your job and great success in your business. You can also enter into new love relations leading to marriage. Your time will be fruitful. Your tasks will get completed in time. This time period will pass pleasantly. You will also participate in social/public functions. Your communication skills will impress people and they will be impressed by your style of presentation. Those appearing for exams/interviews too will get success. High ranking official will also get promoted. You will not let any opportunity pass from your hands. Every attempt you make will be successful. Chronic diseases will get cured.

The month of April is very crucial. Jupiter would travel to Pisces rasi on 13th April and will remain in your 1st house. This will prove beneficial for you. Rahu will enter your second place in Aries sign and Ketu will move to Libra rasi in your eighth house. You will have gains from inheritance. Saturn will also travel to Aquarius rasi on 29th April and will remain in your 12th house for a short duration. You will be under the influence of Saturn ‘Sade Sati’. You will have to work harder but good results will be forthcoming.

May to July will be very supportive for you. You will be working along with people. There will be profits in your business. If you are in job, this will be the time to get bonus, increments etc. Your influence at your workplace will increase. Your bosses will be very much impressed with your work. You could be given additional responsibility or an important position too. Your dominance and power will grow. You will remain kind, polite and gentle in your interactions with people. Thus you will be able to get your work done with ease. Enemies and opponents will be unable to harm your interests. Those who are involved in creative fields like writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance will have opportunities to display their talents. Those who are unmarried for a long time will get suitable marriage proposals. Any family matter related to ancestral property that is ongoing in courts and whose decision is expected now can come in your favor. Travelling on account of professional work would keep you busy and also prove to be beneficial. Saturn will re-enter Capricorn rasi on 12th July and will remain in your 11th house. Your profits and income will rise. There will be boost in your self confidence and you will try to complete your pending tasks/projects with full vigor. If you are giving any exam competition or interview there are very good chances of positive gains. Good openings in the professional work.

Months of August, September and October will prove to be lucky. The time will be spent pleasantly. All decisions taken with intelligence and thought will benefit you in your work. You will work with morality and ethics. You will gain in money matters. You will get good opportunities in your job/employment. You will also plan major expansion of your business. You will be doing hard work and earning a lot. Your income will double up in no time. You will also buy luxurious items and improve your life style. New love relations leading to marriage are indicated. In legal matters decisions will come in your favor. You will give equal importance to your work and family life. You will get your government related work done with ease. You will get the blessings of your elders. You will also develop spiritual inclinations and do noble deeds. You will introspect yourself and observe the activities around yourself minutely. Time will be spent peacefully with family.

The months of November and December would prove to be exceptionally good for you. You will gain in money matters. The relationship with officers will be beneficial. Held up official work will be completed with someone’s help. Your name, fame, respect and prestige will grow. You will be successful in your love affairs. There are chances of promotion in your job. You will also plan to buy a new house, flat, property or vehicle. You will be searching for new possibilities in your business. Your self-confidence too will grow. You will be financially strong. There will be a pleasant atmosphere at home. Bachelors will have marriage proposals. There will be new investments in money matters. You will get success in job, interviews.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is very fruitful. Due to favorable placement of Jupiter and Saturn auspicious celebrations will take place. There will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. Family members will respect each other and love and bonding will be on display. Marriage of a family member will get fixed. There will be sweetness in marital relations. There are possibilities/yoga for marriage in January to April and again in October to December. You can also go on a fun filled vacation for relaxation and sightseeing when you have free time to some favorite place/destination.

Finance, Wealth and money

This year is very rewarding in terms of wealth and money. Your self confidence will be high and you will take decisions with lot of maturity. You will make plans to buy a new house, flat, shop or commercial space. Someone’s support in your business and profession could change your fortunes. You will make lot of money. You will also save money for the future. You will also learn from failures. You need to make investments after lot of planning. You will also get loan for expansion of your business. You will gain in share market or any finance related investment.


From professional point of view this year is very promising. There will be stability in your job. You will work a lot harder. In your job you would try for another one different from the present one. Your colleagues and boss will support you a lot. You will face challenging situation in your job. You will get good news about career, business and job. Your senior officers will be happy with your performance. You will be full of confidence in facing job interview. You will put into practice ideas/planning as the year goes by on which you have been thinking for a long time.


In total this year stars are indicating at a time period of great health. Take care of your diet. You can remain in fine fettle by doing regular yoga, exercise, pranayama and meditation. You will get relief from old diseases. Take care of the health of your elder family members. We believe problems get solved on account our understanding not anxiety.

Astrological Remedies

As far as remedies are concerned, wearing 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh this year will provide you with good results and luck. Wear yellow sapphire, pearl and red coral without any hesitation. You can also worship Lord Vishnu and chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam to get positive benefits.


In general, this year is very good. If you are able to make proper use of time and resources then there would be a sea change in transformation in your destiny. A liberal and flexible attitude will help you a lot in business.


Avoid misunderstanding in your relations. You are emotional in nature. This cost you dear. Hence apply common sense and wisdom.