Nation’s Horoscope & Spiritual Astrology

Nation’s Horoscope & Spiritual Astrology
20 Dec 2018

India has been a land of religion and spirituality since Vedic times.
The sages and seers of those times pondered over these topics and were successful in understanding of the jist that they then conveyed to the masses.

Times do change and now we are in an era where debates are organized around religions but it soon turns into raging argument after which those involved cross all limits of decent debate.

It is thus relevant for us to have a look into the horoscope of the modern India that got its independence in Aug of 1947. This will enable us to get an idea as to why the situation is what it is today.

As per India’s horoscope, Taurus sign was ascending in the east with Uranus in the first house.

Likewise, Mars is in Gemini while Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are in Cancer sign.

Jupiter is in Libra and Plouto is in Scorpio sign.

It is said that at the time, the freedom fighters and other eminent leaders had consulted the astrologers for a befitting time to declare independence.

It was the verdict of most of the astrologers then that intervening night of August 14/15 will be most suitable.

It was said that in the midnight, there will be rise of Abhijit nakshatra and taurus sign, which are also associated with the Lord Krishna.

But as Lord Krishna was divine, the country is yet to achieve its grandeur.

There is also the aspect of what is known as Kaal Sarpa dosh since most of the planets are positioned between the axis of Rahu and Ketu (Uranus and Pluto).

In the second house itself, there is Mars while third house is inhabited by planets including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

This is indicative of ‘RaajYoga’ or combination that enables one to rule.

It is in the sixth house that jupiter is placed and is not particuraly strong.

Let’s not forget that India during its independence also suffered partition.

The partition came about in the name of religion and thus the rift between the two nations is so wide that till date both are struggling to overcome its drag.

With Raajyoga in its horoscope, it is destiny for India to become a leader and guiding light in its own right eventually.

This is as per the research in the astrology that been going on for past four decades or so.

Two of the persons with such ‘RaajYoga’ can be taken as examples.

While one such personality is cine star Amitabh Bachchan, the other one is widely regarded spiritual guru Osho.

It need be mentioned that both of these individuals had Raaj Yoga combination of planets in their eighth house in horoscope.

So while Amitabh Bachchan rules the silver screen till today, Osho remains a guiding force till date for many.

It is to be understood that India, in its third house, has RaajYoga, which implies that India is destined to be a Vishwa Guru or world leader/teacher.

While today, the politics may be around temple construction or temple darshan, it generates a feeling that the religion or the jist of it is perhaps left behind.

This also leaves many baffled and pondering as to the relevance of it all.

It is to be recalled that India used to have quite a few number of temples around 4000 years back.

But there used to be prevalence of ShivLingams at all places even then.

This indicates that India at that time used to worship the formless divinity more

Even ShivLingams are designed in such a way that it resembles the whole of the universe.

It was close to 2500 years back that deity worship started gaining ground as people found relevance mmore in worship of divinity in one or other form.

The advent of Buddhism and Jainism too further promoted this line of thinking.

Even as Buddha and Mahaveer statues are found more from this era, the Hindu pantheon of deities too started to gain influence across the sub continent.

It was close to 1500-2000 years back that two types of temples came into existence.

While Jyotirlingams had their prominence since times immemorial, the other caves and temples too have their existence and following.

Even hills and rivers have been worshipped and rituals like havans, Kumbhs have also been organized from time to time based on ancient calendar.

There were certain temples that had their own aura including those where the devotees had to indulge in certain preparations prior to entering the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

One of such temple was Sabarimala where women in menstrual ages were prohibited from entry.

There were other temples also where devotees used to visit with wish for a child and eventually used to be blessed with one as well.

So the tradition began to have temples for specific purposes and wishes as well.

The temples then became the energy centers where people used to visit based on convenience and gain darshan of the deity.

Such practices thus became pivotal in resolution of issues in life of devotees, be they spiritual or material.

It was thousand year back that temples began being built at homes as well.

Many of the deities thus were installed by the families at their home.

The craft of idol making had been perfected here in this country and often used to convey the messsage of not only balance but also symmetry.

The eventual rise of Samudrik Shastr or deducing from body language and body make, also believes that those with symmetrical body types often end having all kinds of material comforts and never lack anything in life.

Thus the devotees began developing relationship with these deities and used to visualize themselves as perfect as the deities and also eligible of their blessings.

Changing tracks now, let us once again talk of India’s horoscope and present position.

India is passing through Mahadasha of moon since September of 2015 and it will last in ten years time.

The moon is placed in third house with four other planets.

Moon in astrology is indicative of ego and thoughtfulness.

If the ego dominates, the thoughts take a back seat.

A person with ego would not extend importance to anyone other than self.

The country’s politics too has come to that phase.

Every political party is out to demonise or destroy the rival political formations.

All political parties claim to be custodians of national interest and try to show the rival political views in poorr light.

The masses, on the other hand, are sufferers of one or the other types of ego.

It was in Vedic times that the phenomenon of communication had been discovered and even as it is a major discovery for the benefit of the humankind, the communication is lost and sidelined in today’s politics.

It remains to be seen how the situation will evolve till year 2025.

Another major time period to be considered in Indian horoscope is between 10 August and 10 December of 2019.

The moon mahadasha will be coupled with jupiter’s antardasha.

While moon is in third place, the jupiter is positioned in sixth house of the horoscope.

That jupiter is not as influential in the horoscope contributes to waves of religious extremisms of one or other kind.

The moon on the other hand feeds to the ego factor.

Thus the sudden rise of heated debates over temple-mosque post 10 August can be understood in this light.
The situation could worsen in near future going by the looks of it.

While in the ancient times, the religion and politics used to be intertwined, they are two different units in the modern world.

All out disputes arise from this change itself.

The disconnect has grown to the extent that while in the earlier times, there were Hindus in India, the same religious group has been divided into soft and hard Hindus.

This indicates massive confusion prevailing among the masses but the blame has also to be shouldered b us all for this situation.

The current period of moon-jupiter for India that is to last till December of next year thus might further intensify the religious intolerance.

The opening of Kartarpur corridor by both India and Pakistan is another welcome step but the politics of it all might hurt the people at a later stage.

While the Indian constitution views us as secular beings, the reality now is that government, religion and constitution are all appeared to be in some sort of a power struggle.
It is thus advisable not to surrender to our egos as the planetary positions keep changing and force the humans to sometimes take an approach against his or her own will.

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