Key word : Kind, Gentle and lovers of beauty

Rasi Sign : The Balance

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Venus

The placement of planets during the time period of January to March is very favorable. Most of the planets are placed in your 3rd house (house of action and self-efforts). Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu will remain here in Sagittarius sign. Rahu too will aspect it from 9th house. And Sun, Mercury and Venus will join them in mid January. But Saturn will travel to 4th house in its own sign Capricorn after a long gap of 30 years on 24th January. Your efforts will open the doors of progress for you. You will be making best use of your communication skills and manage to impress one and all. You will come in contact with lot of new people. Your professional and social circle will grow. And you will be meeting lot of influential people who will help you a lot in days to come. But you need to act in a noble and gentle manner with them. And need to give them respect to get benefits in days to come. Business related trips will also prove very beneficial for you. It will give you good results. And you will benefit in your business, profession, personal matters and in financial income too. You would be able to accomplish your goals. And your difficult tasks will get completed. It is a good period for your job/profession. Change of job too is indicated. Those who are in job can get a promotion and better opportunities. All in all, most of your problems will get solved. Auspicious functions will take place in family. Your marriage can get finalized. Marriage of a family member will also get green signal from other family members. You can also buy a new vehicle or property. Keep moving and don’t stop. As Vedas say keep moving like river in your life and never stop. Finally you will get the success.

April to July will not be very supportive for you. The two main planets Jupiter and Saturn will be placed in your 4th house (house of emotions and mental peace). Jupiter will enter Capricorn sign on 29th March in fast motion. The presence of these two main planets creates a peculiar situation. And it will affect you emotionally. You will be facing emotional issues all of a sudden with your near and dear ones. Hostilities will suddenly come out in the open when planetary position is not very favorable. Some close relative may create unwanted situation for himself or for you. Both of you can say certain words which you never intend to. And at times situation becomes unavoidable. But it will harm you personally as well as   professionally and effect your work too. So keep your emotions under control. And avoid hot exchange of words with near and dear ones. Otherwise, peace and harmony may be lacking in your personal life. Even small or major differences could turn serious. Hence, protect your interest in such situations. It is not ideal time for investment related decisions. Take proper advice form competent persons.

The months of July to November will bring good results. Jupiter will again enter Sagittarius sign and enter 3rd house on June 30. Rahu and Ketu too will change position on 23rd September and will enter Taurus and Scorpio sign respectively. These months could be somewhat worrisome. Tensions in matters related to job and profession are indicated. There could be problems even in matters related to money and finance. It might be difficult for you to recover your money given to third person. There are hurdles and tensions which will put you under pressure but show calmness in such matters. The help of well wishers and friends would keep coming during whole year that would never let your moral go down.

The remaining time period of the year from November 20 till the end of December is good. Jupiter will finally enter Capricorn sign along with Saturn in your fourth house. Outstanding issues will get resolved. But avoid any new projects/plans.

Overall it is a good year. You will enjoy good health. You will get relief from chronic ailments. Money that was struck for some time will be realised with a little effort. Your bosses and superiors will be happy with your work. You will accomplish your objectives and the doors to progress will open. Results of business and work too will be fruitful. Financially you will be stable.


From family life and relationship perspective this year could be testing. The months of April, May, June and December are adverse. There could be some emotional issues with loved ones. And tension, arguments, conflicts and fights are possible among family members. During these testing times, show patience and control. Do not show any attitude. Control on your arrogance, otherwise you will see success slipping away from your hands.

Wealth and money

This year there could be some struggle from economic point of view. Sudden expenses will trouble you and your budget may go out of hands. Income inflow will be continuous but you need to maintain a perfect balance. There should not be any investment related decisions without thoughtful consideration. There will be increase in your profits in business.


Overall you will have to face many challenges on the professional front. Your superiors will support you. But your colleagues will be jealous of you. They will spread negative rumours about you. If you think properly and act wisely good results will be forthcoming.


Maintain your diet. Organize your daily routine, exercise, medicine etc. and you will see that diseases are keeping away from you. If they are done with a regularity and purpose then even adverse time period can be turned into our advantage.

Astrological remedies

You can wear Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire without any hesitation. By wearing 10 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh you can add to your fortune and luck.


The meaning of your sign Libra is itself balancing. This year would provide you with ample opportunities to balance the things, in professional, emotional as well as personal matters.


Avoid emotional imbalance. Be rational and show patience. Avoid big mistakes. And interact nicely with others.