Key word : Kind, Gentle and lovers of beauty

Rasi Sign : The Balance

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Venus

The placements of planets during the time period of January to April is very favorable. Jupiter will transit in Aquarius sign and will remain in your 5th house. Saturn will remain in your fourth house in Capricorn sign. Rahu and Ketu will remain in Taurus sign in your 8th house and Ketu remain in your 2nd house in Scorpio sign.

You will be facing lot of challenges in your job, business and profession. If giving any exam, competition or interview etc. there are very good chances of positive results. You will also have good openings in the professional work. You could get a promotion too. Some additional responsibility too may be given to you by your bosses. Your importance at your work place will suddenly increase. You will also have lot of monetary gains. Your business prospects too look good. There are possibilities for increase in sources of income and greater money inflow. Those who are planning to go abroad for job, work or higher studies can do so. You can also fall in love with a person known to you. Family would be in joy, warmth and cheer. Auspicious events may take place in the family full support from spouse. Those who are involved in creative fields like writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance or sports would get appropriate opportunities to display their talents. Those people who are trying to make a foot hold in these fields would find time favorable to gain wealth and income. Any family matter related to ancestral property that is ongoing in courts whose decision is expected now can come in your favor. Travelling on account of professional work would keep you busy and these trips would be able to add a new dimension in your life.

Jupiter will travel to Pisces rasi on 13th April and will be placed in your 6th house. Rahu and Ketu will also change their sign on 12th April and will move to Aries and Libra rasi respectively. Rahu will be placed in your 7th house while Ketu will be present in your 1st house. This period is going to be full of challenges. Even Saturn will move to Aquarius rasi on 29th April and will remain here for a short duration. Saturn’s two and half years (dhaiyya) will affect your zodiac for a short period.

The months of May to July will give you mix results. This time is not feasible to set long term goals. Short term goals will benefit. There would be an atmosphere of joy and cheer in family. There is possibility of getting your long held money back from others. There is also a possibility of getting into new love relations. If looking for some job/employment then positive results would be forthcoming. New business offers too will come. Those interested in entering any new work or some partnership would also see fructification of their dreams. Opponents despite their best efforts would not be able to harm you. There is every possibility of entering into new love relations and if already in some relations with someone then it is time to go for wedlock. On July 12 Saturn will again re-enter its own sign Capricorn and will remain in your 4th house till the end of the year.

August to October would be spent in wonderful spirit and atmosphere. Though there will be problems initially but you will soon get relief from problems that you have faced earlier. Your self confidence would get boosted. Those who are looking for new job opportunities would get unexpected results. Those who are appearing in competitive exams will get good results. Those individuals who are involved in some creative line of work will be able to make a strong footing and establish themselves. Be cautious in matters related to money and finances. If you are interested in taking loan from bank, financial institution or government then keep your papers ready and up to date. Differences of opinion on some matters within the family or with your life partner are possible. It would prove to be of no consequence later on.

November and December will be especially productive. There could be promotion or rise in present job profile. If you are thinking of a change take needful steps in that direction. If thinking of some expansion in work or new openings you will accomplish positive gains. Time is gainful for those who are looking for job opportunities, business or higher studies abroad. Those people appearing in competitive exams and interviews etc. would come out with flying colours. There could be some changes suddenly at professional level. There could be occasions of conflict with colleagues and superior bosses. But the situation in clash of interest/ego is purely temporary. There is no need to give serious thoughts to it. When faced with confusion take advice and consultation from well wishers and friends.


From family life and relationships perspective overall the year is really good. There would be love and bonding in family ties. A joyous atmosphere will prevail in the family. Some auspicious event may take place in the family. Marriage of a family member will get fixed. The children sitting for some competition or trying for higher education in any field would be able to achieve success. Your role would be to guide and act as a friend, philosopher and guide. Be a torchbearer.

Finance, Wealth and money

This year is very fruitful from economic point of view. Your investments will bring rich dividends. Your income too will rise and money will come from additional sources. After March there are yoga/possibilities to buy land, house, flat or shops / commercial space. If any family dispute related to property is pending in court then through tact and mutual understanding resolve the matter. It would be appropriate for you. Avoid giving loans in business. Take care of your rising expenses.


You will be able to bring the desired changes in your work style/ethics that you have been thinking for a long time. At work place, office, shop commercial establishment you would work on new ideas and will be met with success. In the process, you will be appreciated by one an all. You will be put under pressure to deliver at your workplace. You will rise to the occasion and will put thrust on your hard work to meet the demands of the situation. And get success in the end.


If you are already careful with regard to matters related to your health then you will get benefit in that pursuit. But those who try to solve their health issues when they are in deep crises then they need to take special care. Not be careless in chronic diseases. Take your medicine regularly and take proper medical advice. Include meditation, exercise and walking a part of your lifestyle and daily regime. And eat healthy food and diet.

Astrological remedies

By wearing 10 mukhi, 11 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh during this year you can add to your fortune and luck. You can also wear emerald, diamond and blue Sapphire without hesitation. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga will prove beneficial. You can also recite Hanuman Chalisa for favorite results.


The meaning of your sign Libra is itself balancing. This year would provide you with ample opportunities to balance things for a long time to come. Bear this fact in mind.


Avoid getting complacent. It will only harm your interests. Avoid bitterness in your relations with close ones. Don’t take any decision emotionally. Apply your mind, not heart. Move with the changing times.