Key word :

Rasi Sign : Lion

Rasi Element : Fire

Rasi Lord : Sun


The months of January to March will bring you mixed results. During this period Jupiter will transit in 4th house from your natal Moon and Rahu will remain in the 12th house. The placement of other planets is also favourable in transit. There would not be much problem in tackling day to day activities. And if you go about the task by keeping short term goals in mind even that would be worth it. But problems could arise in executing numerous projects. There could be problems even in present job, profession and business.  You need to be extra careful in matters related to money and finance. Some emotional issues too may create tensions. Show patience and fortitude.

The month of April promises to be favourable. Around 29th March Jupiter has arrived in 5th house from your rashi but in the later part of next month it would again return to Scorpio rashi in the 4th house. On 23rd March, Rahu would move to 11th   house and Ketu would be present in the 5th house from your natal Moon. They would remain here for 18 months. This is a very beneficial period for you. In April your long held delayed projects would see the light of day. If trying to get success in examinations, competitions, job, interview and business, there will be good news. There would be warmth and bonding in family relations and some auspicious event can take place.

The period from May to October is particularly in your favour. Even though placement of Jupiter in the 4th house from your rashi is not benefic, yet placement of Rahu in the 11th house and Saturn in the 5th house is advantageous.

The months of May – June – July are exceptionally bright. If during this favourable period you work on some plan or project then chances of success are bright. Your morale would be boosted and you will remain in high spirits. As a result, with greater determination you would like to finish pending projects. There are chances to move forward in present job and profession. Those looking for greener pastures can accomplish their desire. Family atmosphere would be gleeful. This is a very favourable time period to earn wealth and money. Flow of income would be good.

The months of August and September would be testing your nerves. Hurdles would arise in executing projects. There is also possibility of differences of opinion in the family over some issues. Additionally, there could be a cause of concern due to poor health of some family members.

The months of November and December would be extremely favourable. Jupiter would move to Sagittarius rashi on 5th November where it would be co-joined with Ketu and Saturn. If you are connected with some creative profession, then on account of your exceptional talents you would be able to make a name for yourself   and leave your imprint. If striving for execution of a long lasting project then make efforts in that direction. It is time to turn a long term love affair into marriage. Those who are on the threshold of marriageable age will have yogas to get married.   Family ties will grow stronger. There would be cheerful news from children’s side too. If planning for job, professional work or higher education abroad, success in those areas is indicated. There would be gain in economic position and new openings for earnings too would be possible.


From family life and relationships perspective overall the year is really good. The performance of kids in their line of work would be laudable. There would also be some auspicious event or function in the family. Months of May – June – July are slightly   on the negative side. There could be differences between family members on some matters. Health of a family member could also be a cause of concern and anxiety.


This year is very favourable for increase in income / finances. If you are able to execute your plans properly then without doubt you will gain. You can plan to buy or purchase house, flat, shop, land or vehicle. Months of April, November and December   are especially beneficial. Months of February and July are particularly negative. But if you go with the tide, situation could be turned in your favour.


This year is very productive from work / job point of view. Those people who are in writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion designing or sports world would be able to move ahead on account of their special god gift. There could be added responsibility, enhancement of stature or new promotion or designation in present job. Those decisions taken with own foresight would bring long lasting benefits.


This year is very favourable from health perspective. Those who are chronic patients can get relief. We firmly believe in matters relating to health that more often is the case that our sound health is a boon given to us by nature. But we are often complacent of such a wonderful gift. In other words, we must lead a disciplined life-style, have proper dietary-regime, do regular yoga and exercises. They must become a part and parcel of our day to day life style. From health point of view, the months of March, May and August are testing. Hence, during this time period remain alert regarding your own health and other family members well-being.


Sun is your rashi lord. If Surya Namaskar and offering water to Sun-god is made a life long habit it would stand you in the good. Wearing a 13 mukhi rudraksh would be beneficial for you. From rashi point of view, Ruby, coral and yellow sapphire could be worn.


Your self confidence and esteem are of highest order. If along with will-power you mix tact and bring every situation under control than life would become smoother.


Your main problem is your ego. This you know better than anyone else. You need to have close look at it.