Key word : Warm, Action –oriented, Royalty

Rasi Sign : Lion

Rasi Element : Fire

Rasi Lord : Sun

The placement from January to April is a very favorable time for you. Though you may face hurdles yet you will be able to make way for yourself naturally. Jupiter will be placed in Aquarius sign in your 7th place from your Zodiac sign. Saturn will remain in 6th house in Capricorn sign. Rahu will be placed in your 10th house in Taurus and Ketu will remain in your 4th house. There will be boost in your self confidence and you will try to complete incomplete tasks with full vigour. Your enemies and opponents will be active but you will overpower them with your cleverness and intelligence. You will also get success in competitive exams or interviews. There will be good openings in the professional work. Beneficial for present job, profession and business. Promotion or even added responsibility too might be given. Finance angle too is very promising. Possibilities for increase in sources of income and greater money inflow. Those who intend to go abroad for jobs should make more efforts. Family would be in joy, warmth and cheer. Auspicious events may take place in the family. Full support from spouse.

On 13th April, Jupiter would travel to Pisces rasi in your 8th house from natal moon. Rahu will be placed in your 9th house in Aries rasi while Ketu will transit to Libra rasi in your 3rd house on 12th April. Saturn too will enter Aquarius sign in your 7th house on 29th April and will remain here till mid July. You will be made to work a lot more harder only then you will taste success. The transit of major planets would be testing. There would be hurdles in executing projects.

The months of May to July will bring mixed results. But overall the trend of events will be to your liking. You will get rid of chronic diseases and suffering. There will be continuous achievements in business and trade. Efforts in financial matter would bear fruit. Those who desire to get loans from government, bank or financial institutions would be able to make positive gains in those direction. There would be festive atmosphere in the family. There would be warmth and bonding in family ties. If trying to get success in departmental/ administrative exams, competitions, job, interview and business, there will be good news. If you are connected with some creative profession then on account of your exceptional talents you would be able to make a name for yourself and leave your imprint. It is ideal time to turn long term love affair into marriage. Those who are on the threshold of marriageable age will have yogas to get married. There would be gain in economic position and new openings for earning too would be possible. On 12th July Saturn will again re-enter in its sign Capricorn and will be placed in your 6th house from Zodiac.

August to October will be very supportive for you. From professional perspective this period is very promising you can be given an important position all of a sudden. Those who are in business can enter into some big project. Those who are entrepreneur or even are involved in import export business even they can reap rich dividends during this time period. Possibilities to buy some long desired property. Pending court decisions will be favorable. Opponents will not be able to harm you. Those people who are associated with any political party or in social service will get special rewards. There would be enhancement in your social status and prestige too. The performance of children would be outstanding and remarkable.

Months of November and December too would prove to be lucky. It is a favorable time to gain wealth and income. Family matters related to ancestral property that is going in courts whose decision is expected can come in your favor. Travelling on account of professional work would keep you busy and those trips would be able to add a new dimension in your life. If during this period appearing in any exams, competition or interview then those persons would come out with flying colors.


This year the placement of planets is not very favorable from health point of view. Therefore if any family member is a chronic patient or even if there are some little children in the family then keep a watch on their health. But overall general behavior will keep you happy and relaxed. Some auspicious event too might take place in the family. You may undertake a journey to some holy religious place with family which you had planned for a long time now. There are possibilities for growth in the family tree.

Finance, Wealth and money

This is an excellent period from money and finance point of view. There will be an increase in your income and an additional source of income too could be generated. If you have been harbouring some ambition for a long period for a bigger, grand and beautiful house in some favorite and posh locality then it is time to move ahead and make your dreams come into reality. Your financial position will be strong but there is need to keep an eye on increased expenditure.


This year your area of influence would grow wider. People would be appreciative of your managerial skills and ability to bring into execution difficult projects. Your relations with seniors and fellow colleagues would be, by and large, cordial. You are destined to get lot of good offers related to work. You just need to decide what is best suited for you.


This year is very favorable from health perspective. Those who are chronic patients will get relief. We are of the belief that more often is the case that our sound health is a boon given to us by nature. But we are often complacent of such wonderful gift. In other words, we must lead a disciplined life style, have proper dietary regime, do regular yoga and exercises. This must become a part and parcel of our day to day life style. Your overall health will be good.

Astrological remedies

Sun in your rasi lord. If Surya Namaskar and offering water to Sun god is made a life long habit it would stand you in the good. Wearing a 12 mukhi rudraksh would be beneficial for you. From rasi point of view, ruby, coral and yellow sapphire could be worn. You can recite Adityahriday Stotra for better results.


Your self confidence and esteem are of the highest order. If along with will power you mix tact and bring every situation under control then life would become smoother.


Don’t let your ego come in way of your progress in life. You know it better than anyone else. Need to have a close look at it.