Key word :

Rasi Sign : The Union of the Male And Female

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Mercury


The placement of major planets from the months of January to March is not very commendable. Rahu is placed in the 2nd house, Saturn is in the 7th house and Jupiter is transiting in the 6th house. There could be confusion with regard to matters related to money and finances. There is a need to do rethinking on investment related planning. There could also be hurdles to get back money which was given to other persons. Therefore be cautious in matters related to money and finances. If you are interested in taking loan from bank, financial institution or government then keep all your papers ready and upto date. There could also be differences of opinion on some matters within the family or with your life partner. It would prove to be of no consequence later on. There could be hurdles in matters related to love relations.

The month of April would prove to be particularly beneficial. Jupiter will enter in Sagittarius sign on 29th March but only for a short duration of time. Then also this month will be fruitful. There is possibility of some important work getting completed about which you have given up hopes. If appearing for any exams, competition or interview etc. then positive results would be forthcoming. Those who are giving interviews etc. for any job or profession would also see their efforts bearing fruit. Family ties will get stronger.

The months of May to October will give you mixed results. Rahu is crossing over your own sign Gemini and Saturn, Ketu is placed in the 7th house from your rashi. In this situation, it is not feasible to set long term goals. However benefits could be reaped through short term goals. The placement of Sun and Mars would be favourable during the months of June to August. This period will turn to be beneficial for you. Those decisions taken after thoughtful considerable would give long lasting results.  Those people who are in some creative line of work like writing, music, arts, cinema or sports world would also get ample opportunities to move ahead in their respective fields. During this time period there is a possibility of getting long held money back from others. Peace and happiness will be witnessed in the family during this time period. There is also possibility of getting into some new love relationships.

The month of November – December would be exceptionally beneficial from all angles. Jupiter on 5th November would enter Sagittarius and not only be in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu but it will also keep Rahu under its total command.  Long cherished plans would start getting completed and would be executed one by one. Those money and finance related plans which were in limbo for long would also start making headway now. If looking for some job / employment then positive results would be forthcoming in that direction. There would be an atmosphere of joy and cheer in the family circle. There is a possibility to go on a trip with family members to some holy place or some exotic destination. Those interested in going abroad for job or study or interested in entering any new work or some partnerships would also see fructification of their dreams coming true in reality. Opponents despite their best efforts would not be able to harm you and you will feel at peace. There is every possibility of entering into some new love relations and if already involved in some relations with someone then it is time to go for wedlock.


This year the placement of planets is not favourable from health point of view. Therefore, if any family member is a chronic patient or even if there are some little children in the family then keep a watch on their health. From this perspective, months of February and May would prove to be testing. Though the overall general behaviour of family members will keep you happy and relaxed.


From economic point of view this year is not very promising. Most of the planets like Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are ill disposed. As a consequence of which there would be difficulties in earning income and in matters related to gaining wealth and property. However there are yogas / possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy as gift. Though in between months of August, November and December would be especially beneficial.  During this time period, financial position would be strong but there is a need to keep an eye on increased expenditure.


From professional perspective there is a need to be watchful this year. Those decisions or plans which have been taken without due consideration could go against your interests. Though the year as a whole is not that bad. Elsewhere favourable time periods too have been indicated in this forecast. Make the best use of that time. There are numerous occasions when we make unrealistic promises or pledge to our seniors or colleagues that we are unable to fulfill later on. These gestures often go against our interests.


If you are already careful with regard to matters related to your health then you will get benefit in that pursuit. But those who try to solve their health issues when they are in deep crisis then they need to take special care. In our forecast we have especially indicated those months which are adverse therefore be extremely careful during those time periods. There is never a better course then being ever watchful.


From your rashi wearing 11 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudrakash would be favourable. It is believed rudraksh is a boon given to mankind by Lord Shiva, wearing of which is beneficial under all circumstances.   Wearing emerald, zircon and diamond would be especially helpful for you.


We have indicated elsewhere in the forecast those months which would not be favourable for you so take special care then.


Those people who go with the time will see luck also favouring them. But those who do not move with the time are often left alone.