Key word : Brilliance of mind, Good Communication skills

Rasi Sign : The Union of the Male And Female

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Mercury

The months of January to March will bring you mixed results. The placements of major planets is also favorable in transit. There would be not much problem in tackling day to day activities. And if you go about the task be keeping short-term goals in mind even that be worth. The influence of major planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu in 7th house in Sagittarius would influence your decisions. Though Saturn will move in its own sign Capricorn on 24th January in your eight house from your natal moon. You will find new opportunities in job and business. Things will change for the better even in your personal life. You will like to change your day to day routine and normal activities and will want to become more action oriented and organized in your life. And will like to remove inertia and lethargy. You will get involved in new partnership, joint venture or association in domestic or overseas projects. It will turn out to be very favorable for you in coming days. You will work on equal footing and on terms and conditions which suits your interests. Those who are single could also get married. It would be sudden and unexpected. Those who are involved in love relations for a long time too can get married. Those who are students will get good results in exams and interviews. You will be confident and plan bigger things in life. Those who want to pursue higher studies will be able to do so.

The months of April to June may prove to be problematic. The two major planets Saturn and Jupiter will remain in your eight house from your natal Moon in Capricorn sign. Jupiter will travel here on 29th March. The two major planets Jupiter and Saturn will remain together in your eight house. And it is happening after a long period of 60 years. It is a difficult period but not a bad one. You could face sudden disturbance in your work but will tackle the situation wisely. You could face problems in job and income. This period could be extremely troublesome because of conspiracy from rivals. It would be wise not to make any new investments. And also make no new commitments. Settle any property related dispute amiably through negotiations.

The time period from July to November 20 would be extremely beneficial from all angles. Jupiter would again enter your 7th house in Sagittarius rasi on June 30. Saturn will remain in 8th house in Capricorn sign. You will be willing to take challenges and will be action oriented. And will be making best use of your intelligence and will be on the lockout for solutions. Geminines are extra intelligent and have intuitive powers. You will make best use of your intuition in overcoming your problems. You will also get answers from deep inside.

The time period from November 20 till December would prove to be testing and tiresome. Jupiter will join Saturn in Capricorn sign on November 20 in 8th house. Investment related decision should be taken carefully. Tricky situations in jobs, profession and business will emerge. Difficulties and fissures may arise with colleagues/seniors at workplace. There are possibilities of losses too. Take care of your health. Your own or some near and dear one’s health too may be a cause of concern. During this time period despite apparent contradictions friends and colleagues would give needed and timely support.


This year the placements of planets are not favorable from health point of view. Therefore if any family member is a chronic patient or even if there are some little children in the family then keep a watch on their health. Auspicious functions like marriage or birth of a new baby is indicated. And December would be especially beneficial. During this time period, financial position would be strong but there is need to keep an eye on increased expenditure. The overall behavior of family members will keep you happy and relaxed.


From professional perspective there is need to be watchful this year. Those decisions or plans which you have taken without due considerations could go against your interests. Though the year as a whole is not that bad, elsewhere favorable time period too have been indicated in this forecast. You need to make best use of that time. You need to make pledge/commitments to your seniors or colleagues after thoughtful consideration. Otherwise, you may be unable to fulfill later on. And it can go against your interests.

Wealth and money

From economic point of view, this year is very promising. Most of the planets like Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are well placed. There would be little difficulties in earning income and in matters related to gaining wealth and property. However, there are yogas / possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy as a gift. Though in between months of May, November and December would be especially beneficial. During this time period financial position would be strong but there is need to keep an eye on increased expenditures.


If you are already careful with regard to matters related to your health then you will get benefit in that pursuit. Have some spare time for Yoga, Gym or whatever form of exercise that suits you. Take adequate care of your own health and that of other family members.

Astrological Remedies

Wearing Emerald, Zircon and diamond would be especially helpful for you. From your rasi wearing 11Mukhi and 14 Mukhi rudraksh would be favorable.


Take investment related decisions wisely. Be practical and realistic while making any commitments. No need to show haste in any personal matters.


Don’t be afraid and grab the opportunities that come to you by both hands.