Key word : Brilliance of mind, Good Communication skills

Rasi Sign : The Union of the Male And Female

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Mercury

The months of January to April will bring you mixed results.  Jupiter will be placed in Aquarius sign from your Zodiac in your 9th house (house of fortune). Saturn will be placed in 8th house in Capricorn rasi from your natal. Moon, Rahu and Ketu will remain in Taurus rasi and Scorpio rasi respectively in your 12th and 6th house.

There could be not much problem in tackling day to day activities. And if you go about the task by keeping short term goals in mind even that would be worth. You will have inspiration in your heart to do some special work. In business and at the workplace you will be successful as well as show progress. But you need to do be extra careful in matters related to money and finance. Some emotional issues too may cause tensions. Show patience and fortitude. As you are under the influence of ashtam Sani dhaiyya (two and half years) there will be some tough moments too in your job and profession. There might be some ups and downs in your health too. But leading a balanced lifestyle and regular medical check up will make things easy. Gradually your health will improve. And you will have a new energy in your body.

The middle month of April will witness movements of major planets in the Zodiac. Jupiter will enter its own sign Pisces on 13th April and will remain there till the end of the year. Rahu and Ketu will also change signs and enter Aries sign and Libra rasi respectively on April 12. Rahu will be placed in your 11th house and Ketu will be placed in your 5th house. Jupiter will remain in your 10th house (house of action) and will give positive results. Saturn will also enter Aquarius rasi in your 9th house on 29th April and will bring you lot of relief.

May to July is favorable. This is a very beneficial period for you. Your long held delayed projects would see the light of the day. If trying to get success in examination, competitions, job, interview and business, there will be good news. There would be warmth and bonding in family relations. Those who are unmarried will plan to enter into wedlock. Auspicious functions will also take place in your family. The placement of Saturn in your ninth house will bring lot of relief. Government work will get completed. You will also finish your work with in no time with your wisdom, intelligence, gift of the gab and knowledge. Students will perform well in exams and interviews.

On 12th July Saturn will re-enter Capricorn rasi in your 8th house and will remain here till the end of the year. Saturn will keep you busy. Your opponents and conspirators will be active. You need to remain careful in dealing with strangers and unknown persons. Do not take any hasty decision in your business and also remain careful in financial matters. But the placement of Jupiter in your 9th and 10th place will solve your problems. You will get connected to lot of influential persons. You will be active politically too. Your boss and colleagues will support you a lot. Your family members too will support you. And cooperate with each other.

The months of August, September-October are exceptionally bright. Your moral would be boosted and you will remain in high spirits. As a result, with greater determination you would like to finish pending projects. There are the chances to move forward in present job and profession. Those looking for greener postures can accomplish them. The family atmosphere would be gleeful. This is a very favorable time period to earn wealth and money. The flow of income would be good.

The months of November and December will prove to be fruitful. Suddenly your pending work will start getting completed. It is time to turn long term love affair into marriage. Family ties will grow stronger. Those who are on the threshold of marriageable age will have yogas to get married. There would be a gain in economic position and new openings for earnings too would be possible. If planning for a job, professional work or higher education abroad, success in those areas is indicated. There would be cheerful news from children’s side too.


From family and relationship perspective overall the year is really good. Those who were unmarried for a long time will plan to get married. There would be some auspicious event or function in the family. Months of January to April and then October to December are favorable. The performance of children in their line of work would be laudable. Family members will have love and willingness to cooperate with each other. Couples will resolve their differences and will have lot of love and bonding.


This year is very productive from work/job/ business point of view. Whatever you were planning for your business expansion, now is the time to activate these plans you will take tough and important decisions in your work. You will achieve your goals in work and job very easily. You will also get support of your boss and colleagues. You could get a promotion too. There could be added responsibility, enhancement of stature or a salary hike in present job. Those decisions with own foresight would bring long lasting benefits.

Finance, Wealth and money

The year is very favorable for an increase in income/finances. You will solve your property related matters with conviction. You will take your work and business very seriously. Thus your income too will rise. You will also plan to buy a new property, house or vehicle. If you are able to execute your plans properly then without doubt, you will gain. Months of January, March, June, August, September and December are especially beneficial. You will be never sort of funds and inflow of money will be continuous.


You need to take care of your health this year. The placement of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu indicate you cannot afford to take a risk with your health. Some chronic disease may trouble you. Along with medical advice, you need to include yoga, pranayama, exercise, walking and meditation in your daily schedule. Get routine medical check ups done on a regular basis. Take work related stress lightly. You need to remain alert regarding your own health and other family members well being

Astrological Remedies

From your rasi wearing 11 Mukhi and 14 Mukhi rudraksh would be favorable. It is believed rudraksh is a boon given to mankind by Lord Shiva, wearing of which is beneficial under all circumstances. Wearing emerald, zircon and diamond would be especially helpful for you. To lessen the negative impact of Saturn worship Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Sanideva you can also recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sani Chalisa to get good benefits. You can also chant stotras of Lord Ganesh for health, wealth and prosperity.


You need to concentrate on your work to get good results. You also need to focus on career and your future. You need to recognize your friends and well wishers.


Don’t take any hasty decision in business, job and finance. You need to take care of your health. Try to avoid any controversy with your brothers in property dispute. Take proper care of your family elders. They will bless you.