Causes of Diabetes- Our Habits and Lethargy

Causes of Diabetes- Our Habits and Lethargy
20 Dec 2018


Homo-Sapiens is now represented by most of what we call modern day humans.

But it is mere thirty thousand old species.

The facts as presented by the evolutionary scientists, after years of intensive research, cite that as many as eight races of humans came into existence almost one and half lakh years prior somewhere in South Africa.

The DNA of the humans earlier resembled that of Chimpanzees.

It was almost lakh years back that many of the races ceased to exist and only two of the races survived till about fifty thousand years ago.

One of them were known as Neanderthals while the others were Homo-Sapiens.

While Neanderthal remained and flourished for almost a lakh year across parts of earth but they eventually lost battle against Homo-Sapiens.

It is also said that DNA of Neanderthal and Homo-Sapiens was alike.

Often times we study in history that there was a ‘stone age’ and that the man at that time used to come up with stones based weapons.

It is now understood that there was never a ‘stone age’.

At the time, the Neanderthals were quite capable, strong and intelligent in their own right.

So it was them who ushered in ‘wood age’ wherein they used to make weapons out of wood.

They used to carve out weapons out of forest wood by shaping them with stones and then also came up with making of bow-arrows.

But it is to be understood that be it Neanderthal or Homo-Sapiens, they were lethargic at best.

It is also said that lethargy or inertia is coded within out DNA and that is the tendency with the first available opportunity.

For instance, mere inaction of fortnight will make it difficult for the human to pick up the earlier routine back.

There are many who say that inaction to the extent of bed rest for elaborate period of time makes it all the more difficult to jump out of the lethargic mindset.

It is thus known that be it the Neanderthal or Homo-Sapiens, they used to survive on hunting and they used to hunt as and when they felt the urge to eat.

Thus it is also true that once successful at hunting, they could feed themselves with that chunk of meat for days on end.

Then there was no special need to yet jold into action and usually the routine could have been to relish the food and then go to sleep.

It was close to thirty thousand years back that the Homo-Sapiens (literal meaning intelligent race) was able to keep the whole of the planet to themselves.

While Neanderthals used to hunt in groups and could not form larger groups.

It is now known that controlling large groups of people requires many tactics, some of which may even be factually incorrect.

It is believed that this lack of management of larger groups led to defeat of Neanderthal at the hands of Homo-

Almost thirty thousand years back, the then Homo-Sapiens used to survive on hunting or even raw fruits from plants.

It is easily imagined that a woman at that time must have accidentally tasted mango or even straw berry as she had it while sitting nearby.

She must have realised at that time itself as to how good it tastes.

She could then go on to relish that particular fruit all day long but she also managed to get proportional exercise.

But in today’s era, it is easy to see how people react when they are offered food in a buffet.

Despite being from decent backgrounds, the behaviour towards buffet food is stark to say the least.

This indicates the problem in modern day humans’ DNA.

Planetary positions and Diabetes

It is difficult to ascertain now if the astrology came first or humans but what is certain is that astrology began diagnosing ailments and afflictions when they began showing themselves more and more in humans.

It is thus to be understood that astrological chart of a subject as well his ascendant and lord of ascendant as
also the planetary positions in the chart is to be studied minutely to understand the affliction.

If the first house and lord of the first house is afflicted then it is sure that some or the other ailment will occur at some point of time in life.

While sme of the ailments are hereditary, even Diabetes is considered one from that category.

To understand this, let us assume that a person’s ancestors used to devour on mangos all they wanted but never used to strain themselves with exercises or even fasting.

It is then, that the ailment gets into the DNA of that particular human and gets passed on to the offspring thereafter.

As per astrology, if the chart shows affliction of venus or jupiter from pluto, then there is more likelihood of diabetes as part of family heritage.

Such a subject will also be lazy or lethargic in nature and the diabetes keeps showing up through generations.

People from such families either get afflicted from diabetes early on in their life or are able to delay it till the time the planet makes it inevitable for them at some point in life.

When the jupiter is seen in the chart as afflicted and placed in third, sixth, eighth or even twelfth position, the likelihood of diabetes is there.This even when it may not be passed on to that person in the family.

While venus and pluto are considered to be causing diabetes but if the chart is afflicted, then the person does suffer from different ailments that emerge out of organ dysfunctionality and caused out of irregular lifestyle.

Prevention of diabetes:

As Homo-Sapiens, we are creatures of habit and also do tend to get lethargic.

Thus different cultures found different ways to avert this lethargy, for instance Yoga.

It is quite common knowledge today that regular practise of Yoga prevents afflictions like diabetes.

There is also need to control the eating habits and irregular lifestyle.

If one can maintain distance from lethargic attitude, then diabetes can easily be prevented.

Otherwise, different systems of medicine like allopathy, ayurvedic, homeopathic, unani do have claims of their own regarding diabetes.


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