Key word : Ambitious, Conservative, Determined and helpful

Rasi Sign : The Goat

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Saturn

The period from the months of January to March would be spent wonderfully. During this period Jupiter will be placed in your 12th house (house of expenses and self realization) from your natal Moon in Sagittarius. Ketu and Saturn too will be present here, with Rahu aspecting from 6th house. Sun, Mercury and Venus too will join them in January. You will be getting mixed results. And need to exercise caution. Otherwise, unwanted tensions might prevail. You need to remain alert in matters of money and finances. Think twice before entering into a new project. And don’t trust any person blindly. Otherwise, you may get betrayed. Third persons might try to take advantage of your gentle nature. You need to be on guard before it is too late. Generally overall time period is good. Saturn will change its position and come in its own sign on 24th January after a long gap of 30 years. Saturn is very comfortable in its own sign and tend to give good results. You are in your second phase of Sadhe-sati but Saturn being in its own sign would be friendly and prove to be good. Though technically you may be undergoing the middle period of Sadhe-sati, yet Saturn will not trouble you. It is here to give you results according to your karmas. Neither should you accept any wrong that is being done to you nor should trouble other persons without any reason. Saturn does not like both situations and will give results accordingly. It expects you to be wise and be honest in your dealings with others. Saturn does not expect you to suffer in silence too. Saturn will give wonderful results in Capricorn. You will get chance to move ahead in your job/profession. Those who are students will get success in exams and interviews. In the economic field worth while efforts made would prove to be gainful. Despite making their best efforts your opponents would fail in their intentions to corner you. But do not take any important step without due consideration.

The months of April to June would be testing. Jupiter will join Saturn on its own sign. Capricorn on 29th March. Impact of Sadhe-Sati would be far-less. Your vexed issues can be resolved. In matters related to money and finance you will get success. You will be able to recover money back from other persons. Matters related to property would get resolved and disputes would come to an end. Even in your personal matters disputes between husband/wife can be settled with mutual understanding. You need to put your ego behind and accept your shortcomings too. It would not serve your purpose if you keep on blaming other persons only. Be a bit flexible and make amends for your unreasonable behavior. Things will turn out to your satisfaction. Those who are involved in areas of politics or social service would get favorable benefits during this time period. You will also be undertaking some short business trips that would prove to be beneficial later on. During the whole period you will not only remain in high spirits but you would add to your stature and prestige also.

The months of July to November will prove to be quite fruitful. Jupiter will again enter its own sign Sagittarius on 30 June and remain there till 20th November. Rahu and Ketu too will change its position on 23rd September and enter Taurus and Scorpio sign respectively. Saturn will remain in own sign. This planetary placement is very favorable for matters related to spirituality, yoga and meditation. Those who are interested in matters of self-realization and want to have a first hand / own experience of deeper truths of life will find this time period favorable for their pursuits. You need to introspect deeper.  The favorable placement of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will help you in evolving further and grow in life. You will have wonderful experiences in matters related to self-realization/spiritualism. You need to understand the real nature of your soul and purpose of your life. You will also get relief from past troubles. Your confidence will rise and you will be able to turn situation in your favor. Your financial position will be better than before. Yet before taking any investment related decision have a rethink.

The remaining period of November 20 to December 31 is also very productive. Saturn will be joined by Jupiter in Capricorn on November 20 again. Exercise caution. There will be ample opportunities to race ahead in job and profession/business. Despite opposition, you will make progress.

This is a wonderful year. You will be given an important responsibility that will raise your prestige and stature. There are chances of an increase in income. Results of business and professional work will be positive and fruitful. The family members will stand in support of you. Your attention will be towards auspicious works. And you will finally evolve in your life. There is a possibility of being drawn to spirituality and develop religious inclinations.


Family life and relationship overall the year will be really good. Your focus will be on improving your personal relationship with your spouse / love mate. You will also show flexible attitude and will be willing to go extra distance to make your ties better. There could be some auspicious celebrations like marriage of a close relative or arrival of a new born baby in the family. You can also go with family members for some fun filled vacations for sightseeing and relaxation.

Wealth and money 

Your financial and business position will be very strong this year. A matter related to ancestral property will get resolved amicably. You will make a blue print to expand your business.  Additional sources of income could be tapped. There should not be any investment related decisions without giving thoughtful consideration.


Hard work and efforts are key to success. Your bosses and colleagues will help you. You will face challenges on your professional front with confidence. Additional responsibility too may be given to you.


Take care of your health. Avoid overwork, stress and tension. Walk regularly, keep a check on your diet, and do your exercise daily. Chant mahamritunjay mantra for better results.

Astrological remedies 

Your birthstones are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire which you can wear safely. You can wear 10 mukhi, 12 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksh for whole year. It would be off special benefit if you do so this year.


It is a very good time to evolve further in your life. Introspect deeply. You will get the answers. Put forward your best efforts.


Keep your ego under control. It is a win-win situation for you.