Dr. AJAI BHAMBI


Key word : Ambitious, Conservative, Determined and helpful

Rasi Sign : The Goat

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Saturn

The period from January to April would be spent wonderfully. During this time Saturn will be placed in your first house in Capricorn rasi. Jupiter will be placed in the second place in Aquarius rasi from your natal Moon. Rahu will be placed in your fifth house in Taurus sign and Ketu will be present in your 11th house in Scorpio rasi. In the economic field worthwhile efforts made would prove to be gainful. Those trying for getting loan sanctioned from some financial institute or banks for some ambitious or big projects for a long time would be able to do so. Those who are taking part in some exams, competition would get unprecedented success. Any matters pending in courts and whose decision is expected any time now would come in your favor. Despite making best efforts your opponents would fail in their intentions to corner you.

The month of April is very crucial. Most of the major planets will change their position and will travel to next sign. On 12th April, Rahu will move to Aries rasi and will be present in your fourth place. Ketu will move to Libra sign in your tenth house. Jupiter will move to its own sign Pisces on 13th April in your 3rd house. And Saturn will also transit to its own sign Aquarius on 29th April and will remain here for a short duration. This year there is Saturn’s (Sadhe sati) affecting Capricorn rasi. Your fortunes will fluctuate but yet there are indications of success in business and works. Problems will keep coming but you will solve every problem with hard work, wisdom, intelligence and fore-sight. The conjunction of Mars and Moon in the eleventh house will be a money giver and your income will be good.

May to July would be especially fruitful. There would be favorable circumstances developing in present job, profession and business. Those who are involved in areas of politics, media or social service would get favorable benefits during this period. Health of your elders may give you some tensions. There are possibilities for buying new house, flat, shop or vehicle. If you are involved in import export business or want to start something new abroad then even for those activities these months are very fortunate. You will also undertake some short trips as well as long trips related to business that would prove to be beneficial later on. There are yogas/possibilities for getting married. Family ties will get stronger and there is possibility of some auspicious functions taking place in the family. During this whole period you will not only remain in high spirits but would add to your stature and prestige also. On 12th July Saturn will again re-enter its own rasi Capricorn in your first house and will remain here till the end of the years.

The months of August, September and October will give exceptional results. You will give attention to your work, communication and relations. You will be able to complete your pending tasks with the cooperation of your bosses and colleagues. Those looking for new jobs will get success in their efforts. You will also remain socially active and will meet lot of people. Auspicious functions will keep taking place. Your noble deeds will bring you lot of name and fame. People will envy your increasing fame and popularity. You will also get success in partnership business. You will be experimenting with new methods in business or work. You will also get better opportunities in your job/business. You will also take important decisions. There is an indication of travel related to your business/work. You will do planning regarding money matters and the future. You can also enter into new love relations. Those who are appearing for exams and interviews will get success. Favorable planetary placement will benefit you and guide you on the path to success. Friends and family members will cooperate in every way.

November and December will be favorable for you. You will have monetary gains. The project of business expansion plans which were pending for a long time will start now. You will achieve a lot in your job/profession. Enemies and opponents will try to dominate but will not get success. New contracts in business can be achieved. The results of job interview will be in your favor. Friends will support whatever work you will undertake, you will not rest till it ends. You will get good news about children’s studies, career and job. You will be successful in love affairs. Relations with your partner will be good. You will have financial gains. You will be searching for new possibilities for future plans. Your self confidence will grow.


Family life and relationship perspective overall the year would be really good. There would be warmth in family ties. There could also be some auspicious celebrations like marriage of a close relative or arrival of a new born baby in the family during the time period from January to March and again from September to October. You can also go with family members for some fun filled vocations for sightseeing and relaxation when you have free time to some exotic location. It can also be a pilgrimage trip. Overall, Joyous atmosphere and fun filled time would be spent with family.

Finance, Wealth and money

Your financial position will remain excellent for the whole year. As a result, there would be increase in income and finances. Additional sources of income too may be generated. Those who are self employed, professionals or involved in import export business would get favorable results this year. There are chances of investments indicated in property, flats or vehicles. But you will not take any investment related decisions without giving thoughtful consideration.


You will be blessed with many opportunities to make progress this year. You may face lot of challenges on the professional front. But if you think properly and act wisely very good results will be forthcoming. You will get praised for your ethics, hard work and dedication. You could also be given some important responsibilities as well. Those people who are searching for new job/employment through some exams, competition or interview would not be disappointed. Those who want to settle abroad can make efforts in this direction.


From health point of view this year is generally good. We believe with regard to health that it does not get better or worse in a day. For it we have to show commitment and need to spare some time for yoga, gym or whatever form of exercise that suits us. Take adequate care of own health and that of other family members.

Astrological remedies

You can wear 10 mukhi, 12 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksh for the whole year. It would be off special benefit if you do so this year. Your birth stones are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire which you can wear safely. You can also worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa to get good results.


This year is particularly beneficial for you. During this period luck will smile on you. If you put your best efforts then untold benefits would arise for you. Business expenses plans which were struck for a long time, now will be completed with your efforts. Your focus will on your tasks and goals.


Do not trust anybody for financial matters. Avoid giving loans to third persons. Overconfidence will cause you harm so remain grounded and balanced. Take investment related decisions wisely.