Key word :  Take advantage of good time

Rasi Sign : The Crab

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Moon


The time period from month of January to March would be extremely beneficial from all angles. The main reason being benevolent planet Jupiter would travel in 5th house in Scorpio sign from your natal Moon. Till 29th March it would remain here in fast motion. Other planets are also generally well placed. As a result, you will plan to work simultaneously on numerous projects. Those of you who are already in some creative line of work will get adequate rewards for your skills. If your field of interest is writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion and sports etc. then those will get excellent results. There are ample opportunities for making progress in present job, profession and business. Those who are planning to give any examinations, competitions or interview will get desired results and success. Those who are involved in some love relationships for a long time can now take appropriate decision to enter into wedlock as time is ripe for such maters. Some of you may enter into new love relationships.

The month of April is not so favourable. The main reason being Jupiter on 23rd March will transit to your sixth house (house of enemies) from your rashi. Though it will not remain here for long, yet you need to take precautions. Until and unless you are not fully convinced and sure do not enter into any new ventures / projects. It would appear appropriate to postpone investment related decisions.

The period from May to October is very fruitful. The benefic planet Jupiter would re-enter your 5th house from rashi and would remain there till 5th November. You may be willing to enter some ambitious projects. If you are planning to undertake some new job, profession or even higher studies abroad, then do not be slack in your efforts. You can accomplish success. Family atmosphere would be jovial and cheerful. There may be some auspicious event or function taking place in the family. Providence would favour you. Entering a new love relationships also can’t be ruled out. If there is an ongoing dispute in the court and it is time for the final verdict then it could be a very favourable verdict.

The months of November and December could prove to be testing and tiresome. Jupiter would move ahead to 6th house from your natal Moon on November 5th and would enter into Sagittarius rashi. Rahu will be already placed in the 12th house. If during this period any investment related decision is undertaken without thoughtful consideration then it could prove to be counter productive. There   may   be tricky situations emerging in jobs, profession and business. Difficulties and fissures may arise with colleagues / seniors at work place. If situation is not brought under control in a timely manner, then there are possibilities of losses too. From health point of view too time is not favourable. Your own or some near and dear one’s health may be a cause of concern. Also during this time period on   account of work some business related travel too might be undertaken and these trips would prove to be advantageous for you. During this time period despite apparent contradictions friends and colleagues would give needed and timely support.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is really very exceptional. There would be greater bonding and understanding in family. There are indications / yogas for auspicious events or celebrations in the family. But during the months of April, November and December there may be some tiring and testing times in the family. The behaviour of some family members could be the reason. The health of someone close may get worse and might be a cause of some concern.


This year is an excellent period from wealth point of view. There will be increase in your income and additional source of income too could be generated. If you have been harbouring some ambition for a long time for a grand, bigger and beautiful house in some favourite and posh locality then it is time to move ahead and make your dreams come into reality. Elsewhere in this forecast it has been indicated that some months won’t be beneficial hence take adequate note of caution.


This year your area of influence would grow wider. People would be appreciative of your managerial skills and ability to bring into execution difficult projects. Your relations with seniors and fellow colleagues would be, by and large, cordial. But do take note of caution for those two – three months indicated elsewhere. Additionally, you may be given a new responsibility or promotion leading to rise in your status.


This year overall your health would be perfect. Even then about sound and good health we believe that it has to be earned. We just can’t continue to live by some belief in our genes and DNA. If you are careful with regard to matters of health and keep yourself busy in yoga, meditation, gym or exercise, may be even some sports then not only your health would remain fine but your mind, body and soul would also feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Moon is the lord of your rashi. It is very sensitive planet – feminine in nature. It means when you are in most negative mood with regard to your emotions only then problems would arise. Wearing pearl, yellow sapphire and red coral would be beneficial.


Take advantage of good time provided to you by providence. Strike when the

iron is hot. Don’t wait.


Laziness and brooding over the past are man’s biggest enemy. Don’t allow it to come near you. The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. Remember these words of inspiration as prescribed by someone great.