Key word : Sensitive, Emotional, Harmonious, Dedicated

Rasi Sign : The Crab

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Moon

The placement of planets during the time period of January to March is very favourable. The major planets Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter are placed in 6th house with Rahu aspecting from 12th house. Venus, Sun and Mercury too will join them in January. But Saturn will move away in next house on 24th June in its own sign Capricorn. Since majority of planets are placed in 6th house it would result in tense situation for you. But old problems will start surfacing again and getting resolved too. You will also face new challenges and will have to tackle them boldly. You cannot afford to run away from your responsibilities. You will have to look into eyes of the problems directly and confront them. Ultimately you will get success. Since Saturn will be placed in your seventh house, it seems to indicate some major changes in your life. And lot of challenges too. You will be reminded of the ground realities and it will keep you rooted. Newer challenges will come your way but you will take them in your stride and learn to overcome them. Your willpower and determination will take you through and you will be able to achieve your goals. Students will get success in competitive exams and interviews but will have to work very hard. A court order in your favour too is expected. And you will also try to resolve it amiably. Those applying for loans for any pet project to any bank or financial institution will also get success during this period. You may also face some burden at your place of work which would result in some tensions. But you will be able to handle the situation calmly and also solve all outstanding issues with cooperation from your colleagues and bosses. It is a very promising period which will open doors of progress for you.

The months of April to June will bring good results. Jupiter will come in 7th house on 29th March in Capricorn sign from your natal Moon and will be placed along with Saturn. Though Jupiter is in debilitation sign and its debilitation gets cancelled because Saturn is in own sign Capricorn. You can enter into new partnership or joint venture. New job offers too will come. Those looking for start up ventures or any domestic or overseas projects too will get success. Your business ventures will prove to be very successful. And you will work on favorable terms and conditions. It will match your work style and your reputation too will get enhanced. You will start making progress towards your self esteem. And your values matter the most to you.

The months of July to November would be exceptionally beneficial. Rahu and Ketu will change their position on September 23 and will move in your 11th and 5th house respectively in Taurus and Scorpio sign. Jupiter will enter into Sagittarius on June 30. You will be facing numerous problems but will be able to solve them too. You will also get mixed results in your job / business. It is a very favorable period for foreign related work. You can get new job offers or work orders from abroad. Your income too will rise. And additional sources of income too could be tapped. Money and wealth will keep coming. You could also make plans to buy a new property or a luxurious vehicle. Also during this period on account of some business related travel might be undertaken and these trips would be proving advantageous for you. During this period despite apparent contradictions friends and colleagues would give needed and timely support.

The time period from November 20 till December will bring mixed results. Jupiter would re-enter into Capricorn sign on November 20 and will be placed with Saturn in your 7th house. During this period you may face some negativity. But you need to balance the things and walk the tight rope. It is a good time for new and exciting love relationships. There would be ample opportunities to take steps ahead in jobs, business and education. Make a move and get suitably rewarded for your efforts.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is very good. Due to favorable placement of Jupiter there will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. Auspicious functions will take place. Marriage of a family member will get finalized. There will be display of love and bonding among family members. You can also go with family members for some fun filled vacations for sight seeing and relaxation when you have some time. It can also be a pilgrimage trip.

Wealth and Money

This year is very rewarding in times of wealth and money. Those decisions taken with maturity and self confidence will provide good results. There are yogas/possibilities to buy land, new house, flat or shop/commercial property.


From professional point of view this year is very promising. You could be able to bring into realities those ideas/planning as the year goes by on which you have been thinking for a long time period now. You could get good opportunities to settle abroad and start some business venture too.


In total this year stars are indicating at a time period of great health for you. Overall you will be in fine fettle. We are of the opinion that genetic health which we inherit from nature is merely 60 percent of our total health. The rest 40 percent depends on our behavior, dietary regime, attitude and climatic factor. If you are able to keep this 40 percent under check than you will remain fine and fit for the whole year.

Astrological remedies

Moon is the lord of your rasi. It is a very sensitive planet. Feminine in nature. It means only when you are in negative mood with regard to your emotions only then problems would arise. Wearing pearl, yellow Sapphire and Red Coral would be beneficial.


This is a very good year in totality. Make proper use of time and resources. Then there will be sea change and transformation in your destiny.


There is a very popular and old saying. You do not get more than you deserve nor before your proper times come. So have patience. Fortune favors the brave.