Key word : Sensitive, Emotional, Harmonious, Dedicated

Rasi Sign : The Crab

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Moon

The time period from the month of January to April would be full of challenges but rewarding too. Jupiter will be transit in Aquarius sign in your eighth house from your natal Moon. Saturn will be present in your 7th house in its own sign Capricorn rasi. While Rahu and Ketu will remain in Taurus and Scorpio rasi respectively, they will be present in your 11th house and 5th house respectively. You will have to undertake work related trip and these trips will prove to be very beneficial. You will also come in contact with lot of people and will make new friends. You also stand to gain in partnership, association or joint venture in business. Your excellent communication skill will be additional benefit. Your area of influence would increase and you will have relations with higher up people on even footing. You will also explore additional sources of income. From a financial/economic point of view, the situations are very favorable. Your income will get doubled in no time. The conjunction of Moon and Mars in the fifth house is strengthening the money inflow in the beginning of the year.

In the middle of the month of April most of the planets will change their sign and travel to next rasi. The benevolent planet Jupiter will enter its own sign Pisces in your ninth house from your natal Moon on April 13. Destiny will support you a lot and you stand to gain a lot. Rahu and Ketu will also enter Aries and Libra rasi respectively on 12 April and will remain here for next eighteen months. Rahu will remain in your 10th house and Ketu will remain in your 4th house. Even Saturn will change its sign and will enter its own rasi Aquarius on 29th April and moving in your eighth house between April and July but will remain here for a short duration.

The months of May to July will bring mixed results. It will prove to be testing too. It will be the time that the effect of Saturn’s two and half year (dhaiyya) will be on your Zodiac. You need to take care of your health. Some minor ailments and disease may bother you. You also need to remain away from controversy and wrong deeds. Your expenses too will rise. Someone whom you trust in money matters may betray you. Your enemies and opponents will be active against you. But Jupiter will save you from lot of problems. Your friends and family members will support you. Your spouse/partner will prove to be your biggest strength. You will be full of confidence and will take some important decisions for the betterment of your business, work and finance. You will also prepare yourself for the works which you are planning to do for a long time. You need to control your speech and behavior for your own benefits. You will face all the problems and troubles strongly and boldly. You will also get the support of your bosses and colleagues. On 12th July Saturn will again re-enter its own sign in your 7th house bringing you lot of relief.

The months of August to October would prove to be fruitful. There would be opportunities to take steps ahead in job, education and business. Those who plan to go abroad for higher studies, jobs, business or some professional work need not slacken their efforts. Make a move and get suitably rewarded for your efforts. The flow of income will be good. You will enter into new love relations but may face some resistance from your family too. But ultimately things will turn in your favor. Those who are in creative fields like music, dance, writing, cinema or sports would also get ample opportunities to move ahead in their respective field. If you work on some plan or project then chances of success are bright. Your moral would be boosted and you will remain in high spirits.

November and December will prove fortunate. In whatever field you will try you will get success. Opportunities to buy some house, flat, land and vehicle etc. are also present. If there are possibilities of getting some ancestral property or legacy or if there are disputes relating to property then efforts to resolve them through mutual talks and understanding would bring positive results. If you are trying to get success in examinations, competitions, job interview and business there will be good news. There would be warmth and bonding in family relations.


From family life and relationship perspective overall this year will bring mixed results. There would be moments of festival like atmosphere in the family. This may include marriage, birth of a child or some other auspicious events or functions. But there may be hurdles in May, June and July in family ties. We believe that if during testing times mutual love, trust and bonding are maintained between siblings then we can easily come out of severest of the tests. Bear the fact in mind.

Finance, Wealth and Money

In case of financial matters, money will flow uninterruptedly. But you will have to work a lot harder. Your expenses too will rise which you need to take care off. You can invest in business ventures too. All of a sudden some big deal or contract could be signed. It may result in a gain of large sum of money by stroke of good luck. There are possibilities of income coming from foreign/domestic sources from time to time.


From job and professional matters perspective it looks you are destined to get lot of good offers related to work. You will work hard and it will prove to be rewarding in the long run. You just need to grab the opportunities and turn them into your advantage. It would not only lead to enhancement in status but also result in unmatched gains.


You just cannot afford to just sit and relax. You could face some health issues time and again. Even you need to care your family elders. You need to go for regular medical check- ups. It is a firm belief that after a period of time we have to earn health on a daily basis. No one can understand it better than you because generally you are very careful with regard to your health. You would benefit if you take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Your overall health will be good. But take adequate care of your health.

Astrological remedies

Moon is the lord of your rasi. It is a very sensitive planet feminine in nature. It means only when you are in the most negative mood with regard to your emotions only then problems would arise. Wearing yellow Sapphire, pearl and red coral would be beneficial. You can also worship Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Vishnu. You can also recite Shiva Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranamam to get maximum benefits.


Take blessings of your elders. Have confidence in your abilities and never doubt about your potentials. Your hard work will pay in the long run.


Take care of your health you cannot afford to neglect it. This applies equally to the health of other family members too. Think twice of what you want to invest and don’t trust strangers in money matters.