Key word : Challenges provide opportunities.

Rasi Sign : The Ram

Rasi Element : fire

Rasi Lord : Mars


The period between January till March end may not be very good. During this Period, Rahu will cross over your 4th house from the natal Moon, Jupiter will remain in the 8th house and Mars transit is also negative.  During the course of three months of January, February and March there would be mental tensions and   worries in   job, profession   and   business related   works.   Some   emotional

issues   in   family   life   too   may   add   to   mental   upheaval   and   disturbances.   In matters related to wealth, finance and money, you need to act with prudence. Make investment decisions wisely otherwise there are possibilities of incurring heavy losses.

Month of April would be especially productive. On 23rd March, Rahu transits in Gemini (its exaltation sign) in third house from your Rashi and Jupiter will enter Sagittarius on 29th March. Herculean tasks would be accomplished with luck and grace. Vital contacts would be developed with important and higher up people and you can even receive favorable benefits from them. Travelling due to work related issues could be possible and can result in wide scale benefits on account of such trips.

During the months of May to October, retrograde Jupiter would again enter in 8th sign Scorpio from your Rashi. However, remaining planets namely, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury would largely provide good results. Transit of Jupiter   in 8th house from your Rasi may lead to less accomplishments and fortune despite your hard efforts made. To overcome it make more determined efforts. There   would be ample opportunities to race ahead in job and profession / business. Despite opposition you would make progress.

Months of May, June, August and September would be especially fruitful. If during this period you are thinking of starting a new venture/project or thinking

of expansion in present work situation then without doubt success is assured. Those people appearing in competitions, exams and interviews etc. would come out with flying colours. People with interest in writing, literature, arts, fashion, cinema or sports on account of their special talents would be able to enhance their stature. Also those interested in going abroad for job, business or higher studies etc. should intensify their efforts during those months. Success will knock at your door.

Months of November and December would also prove to be lucky. After transiting in 8th house for whole year, topsy-turvy Jupiter at last on November 5 would enter in 9th house from your rashi. Here it would be co-joined with Ketu and Saturn. Due to this mixed transit you stand to gain goods results. The main reason being – Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius, will have Saturn and Ketu under its complete hold. In simple language it could be understood when two malefic are in conjunction with one benefic planet they tend to be under its total command. That is, they shed  their negativity completely. During this period your long held, pending or overdue projects could be completed easily. You will also like to take those challenges of which you were doubtful with renewed efforts. If looking for new job, work or business or Start-Up then take long strides ahead with confidence. Your efforts would be blessed with success.   Friends and well wishers   would provide ample support. Gains from banks, FIs and authority / government are also indicated.


From family life and relationships perspective, overall the year is really good. But   during the months of January, February and July there may be some internal   strife and tension. Always be patient and remain calm. During the months of April, November and December some auspicious events or functions – like marriage or birth of a child are indicated in family circles.


This year is very fruitful from economic point of view. Elsewhere in periods indicated don’t make investments. After March there are yogas / possibilities to buy land, house, flat or shop/commercial space. If any family dispute related to property is pending in courts then through tact and mutual understanding resolving the matter would be wise for you.


Overall this year is normal from profession point of view. There may be times when you feel isolated. But we believe challenges provide opportunities. If you learn from this maxim then even negative and difficult time would pass on easily and new ideas would emerge that will prove to be of worth later on.


This year health of family members especially elders who are suffering from chronic diseases could be a cause of concern. They could benefit if they can take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. For general masses there is not much to be worry about on health matters. You will be hale and hearty but health of family members may be a cause of concern some times in between. We believe problems get solved on account of understanding; not anxiety.


Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Pearl can be worn. Yellow Sapphire is good for grace and good luck.   Red-Coral would increase patience and calmness. Pearl would add to mental and family-peace. Chanting of ista-mantra, doing yoga and meditation is not only beneficial but would boost immune – system too.


Those who are on the threshold of entering writing, literature, arts, music and cinema, make more determined efforts.


Do not take wrong investment – related decisions in periods not advised elsewhere.