Key word : Challenges provide opportunities

Rasi Sign : The Ram

Rasi Element : fire

Rasi Lord : Mars

The period between January to April will prove to be very fruitful in all aspects. Jupiter will be placed in your 12th house in Pisces sign from your natal Moon and will remain here till April. Saturn will travel to Aquarius rasi on 17th January from Capricorn rasi. It will be placed in your 11th house (house of gains and profits) and will remain here till the end of the year. Rahu will remain in your 1st house in Aries sign and Ketu will be present in your 7th house in Libra rasi.


Good opportunities await you in your job and business. You need to make best use of them. Some challenges will be there but you will be not afraid to face them. This is the appropriate time to expand your business and plan major expansion. If you allow the opportunities to slip away you will regret about them later on. There could be promotion or rise in present job profile. If you are thinking of a change in job profile take needful steps in that direction. Time is gainful for those who are looking for new job opportunities, business or higher studies abroad. Students need to study hard to come out with flying colors. Those people appearing in competitions, exams and interview will get success.


There could be some sudden challenges that you will encounter at professional level. Your colleagues will be jealous of your progress. But you will handle them with ease. Your opponents and foes will get defeated. You need to avoid conflicts with your colleagues and superiors/bosses. This situation in clash of interest/ego is purely temporary. There is no need to give serious thoughts to it. Saturn will provide you lot of monetary gains. At emotional levels too you may face some upheaval and disturbances. Just exhibit patience. If you want to propose to some person, think over it and take your time. You may also face some hurdles in your love life. You may even have some differences of opinion with your partner/spouse. But you will show a wise ahead and will put aside your differences apart and move ahead in life. Marriage of a family member can also get fixed. On April 22nd, Jupiter will travel to Aries rasi and will enter your first house from your natal Moon. This is going to be a very favourable placement and it will boost your self confidence.


May to August would be spent in wonderful atmosphere. You will make good progress in your job/business. This is a period of change. You will get relief from problems you faced earlier. There would be a boost in your self confidence. Your projects will speed up. New opportunities will come to you. You will also travel abroad extensively because of work/business. You will make long lasting contacts which will prove to be fruitful later on. You will get lot of respect, name and fame. You will make plans to buy house, property or vehicle. You will enjoy good economic growth. Your financial condition will be strong. You will also be in a happy frame of mind. You will be creative and it will be reflected in your work.


September and October would again prove to be fruitful. You will get new job offers. You will get unexpected results in your business. Those individuals who are involved in some creative line of work will be able to make their presence felt and get good name and fame. There will be peace and happiness in family. Auspicious functions will also take place. Your marriage can also get finalized. You will get success in love affairs. There will be sweetness in marital relations and there will be togetherness and bonding. With your partner you will travel to some favorite place. You will be able to establish yourself. You will also make new contacts and plan to start business in partnership.


On 30th October Rahu and Ketu will change their signs and will travel to Pisces and Virgo rasi respectively. They will be placed in your 12th house and 6th house from your natal Moon. November and December will be especially productive from professional point of view. You will get work / contracts from abroad. Some new project or planning will be executed. You will make domestic trips as well as plan to go abroad due to work related issues. Those who are in politics and media will get name and fame. Students will keep performing well in their studies. You will also get relieved of tensions.



From family life and relationship perspective overall this is a exceptional year. Due to the favorable placement of Jupiter in your lagna from May onwards there will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. There are yogas for auspicious celebrations in the family. These events can take place on a grand and large scale either between May to August or between October to November. You can also enter into new love relations. You can also go with family members for some funfilled vacations for sightseeing and relaxation when you have free time to some favorable place/destination. You can also travel abroad for holiday vacations.


Finance, Wealth, and money

You will have major economic gains. Your financial position will be stable. You will plan to buy some land, new house, flat or shop/commercial space. You will also plan to renovate your house. Your investments will give you good returns. You will have no shortage of funds.



From professional point of view this year is very promising. New plans will be launched. Your ideas will get executed at your workplace. You will undertake a major expansion of your business. New job offers will come to you. There will be stability and growth in your career.



In total this year stars are indicating at a time period of great health. But be careful in the month of May, June and December. Don’t take things casually. We believe health is your responsibility. We are of the opinion that genetic health which we inherit from nature is merely 60 percent of our total health. The rest 40 percent depends on our behavior, dietary-regime, attitude and climatic factors. If you are able to keep this 40 percent under check then you will remain fine and fit for the whole year.


Astrological Remedies

From your rasi point of view wearing 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh this year will provide you with good results and luck. Wear yellow Sapphire, Pearl and Red coral for better gains. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa, Sani Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranamam for better results.



This is a very good year in general. Make best use of a great time period. You will see a complete transformation and major changes taking place in your life. Be careful in those months which have been discussed in this forecast elsewhere.



Don’t take any hasty decisions in your business/work. You need to curtail your expenses. With a clear approach you can maximize benefits and minimize losses.