Key word : Challenges provide opportunities.

Rasi Sign : The Ram

Rasi Element : fire

Rasi Lord : Mars

The months of January till April will be full of achievements for Aries. During this period Jupiter will remain in Aquarius sign in your 11th house (house of gains and profits). Saturn will also transit in Capricorn sign in your 10th house (house of karma). Rahu and Ketu will remain in Taurus and Scorpio rasi respectively in your 2n and 8th house from your natal moon. Your efforts will bring in positive results. There could be promotion or rise in present job profile. You will also plan a major expansion in business and will make good gains. Saturn in its own sign will also help in your work extension. Your income will be good. Money will flow in but expenses will also rise. You will work hard and will be able to achieve your dreams. If you are thinking of a change take needful steps in that direction. Whatever you have wished for, you will get it easily. Time is gainful for those who are looking for job opportunities, business or higher studies abroad. Those people appearing in competitions, exams and interviews etc. would come out with flying colors. Those who are unmarried can plan to get married. There are yogas for auspicious celebration in the family. You will also have no major health worries. Your investments will also bring good results.

In the middle part of April major planets will change their signs. Hence the month of April would be especially productive. On 12th April, Rahu will transit in Aries (your own sign) in the 1st house and Ketu will enter Libra in the 7th house from your rasi. Jupiter will enter Pisces (its own sign) on 13th April and will remain there till the end of year. Even Saturn will transit to Aquarius rasi on 29th April and will remain here for a short period till 12th July.

Months of May, June and July will be especially challenging. The placement of Jupiter in Pisces rasi in your 12th house (house of expenses, travel and hurdles) will bring mixed results. You may face some minor health issues. There would be mental tensions and worries in job, profession and business related works. Some emotional issues in family life too may add to mental upheaval and disturbances. But Saturn will help you make good gains. In matters related to wealth, finance and money need to act with prudence. You need to make investment decisions wisely. You will also get opportunities to travel abroad for work and higher studies. As discussed earlier, Saturn will re-enter Capricorn rasi on 12th July again and will remain here till the end of the year. Herculean tasks would be accomplished with luck and grace. You will also start getting success in your work. You will keep making experiments in business. You will get victory in legal matters. Students will get success in exams and interviews. Your family will support you. Couples will have better understanding and greater compatibility. Your enemies will remain active but will not get success. Your bosses and colleagues will also support you fully.

August, September and October would again prove to be especially fruitful. For those who are interested in starting some new business and also those who are thinking in terms of new job or changing their present job then these months could provide worthwhile results.

Vital contacts would be developed with important and higher up people and you will receive favorable benefits from them. Travelling due to work related issues could be possible and can result in wide scale benefits on account of such trips. Money will not remain with you and your expenses will also rise. Your business opponent and enemies can conspire against you. You need to remain alert.

The months of November and December will be spent in wonderful spirit and atmosphere. There would be boost in your self confidence. Those who are looking for new job opportunities would get unexpected results. Money and wealth will keep coming. Those who are appearing in some competitive exams will get good results. You will also plan to buy a new property or vehicle. When faced with confusion, take advice and consultation from well wishers and friends. Your family will stand by you when you need it most.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is very good. Due to the favorable placement of planets there will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. There will be display of love and affection among family members. Auspicious functions will keep taking place. Those who are unmarried will plan to get married. These events can take place on a grand and large scale either between January to April and again between July to November. You can also plan to go with family members for some fun-filled vacations for sight seeing and relaxation. You can also plan to go abroad for holidays with family. You can also go on a pilgrimage tour.

Finance, Wealth and money

This year is very rewarding in terms of finance, wealth and money. You will get success in adverse circumstances. Those doing business in land, property, construction, mines and hotel will have high profits. Those decisions taken with maturity and self confidence will provide good results. You can also plan to buy a new house, flat or shop/commercial space, land. You will have some gains in the form of inheritance. There will be continuous inflow of money.


From professional point of view this year is very rewarding. You will get new job offers. You will also be able to bring into reality those ideas/planning which you have been thinking for a long time now. You will go ahead with your pet projects and make good progress. Make long lasting patience and fortitude your forte.


In total this year stars are indicating at a time period of great health for you. Yet, there will be minor health worries. You should focus on your diet, exercise and include those in your daily time. Overall you will be in fine fettle. You should also find some time out of your busy schedule for relaxation and leisure activities.

Astrological Remedies

As far as remedies are concerned, 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh this year will provide you with good results and luck. Wear yellow sapphire, pearl and red coral without any hesitation. Worshipping Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman will prove beneficial. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranamam for better results.


In general, this year is very good. It is a year of achievements. If you make best use of opportunities provided to you, there will be sea change in transformation in your destiny.


Don’t trust strangers and third persons blindly. Also don’t take any decision in a haste. As there will be free flow of money you need to curtail your expenses. Don’t over estimate your capabilities.