Key word :

Rasi Sign : The Cosmic Man

Rasi Element : Air

Rasi Lord : Saturn


The time period from January to March is overall very fruitful. Fast moving Jupiter will cross over your 10th house in Scorpio sign from your natal Moon and remain there till 29th March. Saturn placed in the 11th house from your rashi is in a very favourable position. Those decisions taken after thoughtful consideration would give long lasting benefits.  Those desirous of giving any exam / competition, interview etc. for permanent jobs would get success in their pursuits. You will be facing contradictory situations at your work place. You will be in a position where your superiors and colleagues would aid in enhancing your stature and you could also be provided with big jump in job or even some promotion. Consequently, there will be additional work load / burden on you which may also give you goose bumps and make you feel jittery. But it would turn out to be advantageous for you later on. There are possibilities of even increased flow of finances.

The month of April would prove to be particularly beneficial. It is because benefic Jupiter has entered in the 11th house (house of gain) from your natal Moon. Rahu has also entered in Gemini sign on 23rd March. Ketu too is in 11th house in Sagittarius rashi. This month is going to be exceedingly gainful. Those efforts done with the intent to increase sources of income would give expected benefits. It is also possible that all of a sudden you can enter into some vital and important project. Those who are in politics or social work will see favourable turn of events. There are chances of traveling in far flung areas which would prove to be very beneficial in times to come.

The months of May to October would be spent generally peacefully. Retrograde Jupiter has again entered Scorpio sign on 23rd April and will not leave it till 5th November. This is a very promising period from career perspective. Those who are looking for new jobs would be lucky in that direction. Even in present job or business you will see favourable circumstances building and there would be scope for large scale expansion too. Those who are thinking in terms of starting new business, venture or some project would also find luck favouring them. If some ancestral property or any other land / property is disputed and matter is sub-judice in courts then it would be wise to go for an out of court settlement in those matters.

The movement of Mars from the months of May to September is very promising. Even the transit of Sun would be favourable during those days. It would be very wise to complete important projects during this time period.  The month of October will be testing from the professional angle.  Hence, show extra caution during this period.

The months of November and December will be especially productive. As we know, jupiter will enter into Sagittarius sign on November 5 and will be in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu there. From professional perspective, it is possible that some project or planning could be executed that you have been thinking of implementing for a long time now. There are indications of domestic trips as well as going abroad due to work related issues. And consequently these trips would turn out to be very fortunate in days to come. From political and social work perspective too you will gain name and fame on account of this promising time period.


From family life and relations perspective this year will provide you with some happy and joyful moments.  Overall peaceful and harmonious atmosphere will prevail in the family. Family members will be emotionally close to each other. They would exhibit warmth, love, tenderness, care and respect for each other. They will also take care of each other’s interests. There are yogas / possibilities or expansion in the family tree. As it is, there are chances of some marriage function taking place and arrival of a new born baby in the family. If you are planning for renovation or shifting to a new suitable place for home, chances are very bright. Those who are of eligible age for marriage also stand a good chance to find a suitable match. You will also go for some adventurous, fun filled, sightseeing trips with your family to some exotic location.


This year is very fruitful from economic point of view. There would be expected increase and growth on the financial front as you had expected. Months of April, November and December would be particularly favourable from financial stability and growth point of view.   You will also perform exceptionally well professionally as result of which there would be manifold increase in regular sources of income. If there are opportunities / chances to get some benefit from land, property or for that matter connected to wealth then even those could come true this year.


From professional perspective this year is very promising. There would be many opportunities to take steps forward in your life. If you are able to make proper use of these opportunities then without doubt you will reap favourable benefits. Those who are looking for new jobs / employment would also not be disappointed. Those desirous of going abroad for jobs/employment or higher studies would also see their dreams come true.  You would also get some promotion or transfer to some other place related to job.


This year is overall very good from health point of view. We strongly believe that if we are not very particular about our health then in later part of our life it could prove to be serious for us. If we apply this principle in reality then quality of our life too would change. The placement of planets is favourable from health point of view. Even then months of March and September are testing. During this time period take proper care of your own health and that of other family members too.


From your rashi point of view wearing 8 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 15 mukhi rudraksh  would prove to be very beneficial.  Lucky gemstones for you are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire.


This is an extraordinary year. If with intent and full determination you make efforts then you will get more than expected benefits. It is time to bring pet and ambitious projects into operation.


If some property dispute is pending in the courts then rather than going through long, tedious and cumbersome legal process, if you try to settle it through mutual discussion then those matters would get resolved this year itself.